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Various problems with "Brighton"- Quality Control ?

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  • Various problems with "Brighton"- Quality Control ?

    I purchased a DCC “Brighton” last September and started to run it in. It started to run very jerkily, stopping and starting, but did eventually run continuously. After about 20 minutes running a con rod separated from the crosshead. I returned the model to the supplier and received a replacement. I started running in the replacement, which again started erratically but settled down, and after about an hours’ running the speedo drive came adrift, I again returned the model and had a refund. I then ordered a model from my local retailer, who ran it, and checked it was ok. I continued running in, and after an hours’ running it stopped with no response to the controller. I checked the decoder values and some were missing, so I tried resetting to the default values, but could not write any values in. I returned the model to the shop, and they sent it back to their supplier, and after several weeks I received a replacement, which the retailer again checked and ran for about 20 minutes on their test track. I continued to run it in and the model was smooth and quiet, however reversing over facing points the rear traction tyred wheels derail. (Points are Peco streamline medium and large radius and curved). On examination, the rubber tyre on one side appears to be of uneven thickness, reducing the effective amount of flange, causing it to ride up over the frog. I have been back to the retailer and he is going to replace the tyre.
    I wonder if others have had any similar possible Quality Control problems, and would appreciate Dapols comments, on what is otherwise a very nicely detailed model.