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Schools Class Shrewsbury - difficulty refitting tender body!

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  • Schools Class Shrewsbury - difficulty refitting tender body!

    I took delivery last week of a warranty replacement Shrewbury. It ran beautifully straight from the box and after running-in, I installed a DCC23 chip, which I have used successfully in other Dapol Schools. The problem I'm having now is that it's impossible to clip the tender body back in place! It will click down at the front and one side, but the other remains high. I noticed that the chip seems to sit very high and suspect that it is fouling the underside of the tender top. I've tried several times, removing the body and carefully putting it back but I'm very aware of how vulnerable the loco-tender wires are to damage. Also, I really do not want to push any harder than I have been, because of the risk of damaging the tender. The DCC/blanking plug socket seems to be angled too far upwards with the resulting gap between the upper end of the chip and motor. I don't remember such a gap on the previous Schools that I've converted. Has anyone else experienced this difficulty?