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Schools Class Shewsbury derailing and causing DCC short

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  • Schools Class Shewsbury derailing and causing DCC short

    The issue of derailing has been discussed before but I'm intrigued by what has just happened to my Shrewsbury. Despite extensive running in without any problems, the loco. just derailed at a turnout, jamming the valve gear. I managed to free the gear up, although the connecting rod remains distorted. However, when I restarted the loco. I noticed that when I used the "fast" speed step button on my NCE Powercab, instead of speed increasing by 10 units, it moved in steps of 4. Using the "slow" speed step buttons, speed increased more rapidly than before. Is it possible that the short circuit reset the speed steps CV away from the default DCC 23 default of 128? Looking at the Powercab manual there should be an increase of 10 units per press of the "fast" speed step button unless the speed step CV is set to 28.