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Solution to Schools Class "jerky" performance

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  • Tip: Solution to Schools Class "jerky" performance

    I recently received a new DCC Malvern Schools Class loco and set about giving it a test run. I found it to be a very poor runner, especially at slow speeds where it would appear to bind and then release resulting in a very jerky motion. The problem proved to be the connecting rod between the 2 large driven wheels on the loco. These do already have an oval hole on each end on order to facilitate the play found between the to driven wheels, however this oval is slightly to small. This results in a point where the rod pulls tight and causes a very slight bind, which is poticularly bad in reverse. You can easily confirm this by removing the rods on both sides and testing the loco. This may work itself out during the running in process but I did not give it the chance. The solution is to simply extend the oval inwards on both ends of the rod with a round needle file. There is a bit of available material here to be removed. The results were incredible. The loco now runs as smooth as silk in both directions. After the thousands of hours invested in our layouts a few minutes on a loco shouldn't be to much to bare. Thanks for a very pretty loco.