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YCV 'Turbot' Engineers wagon in O Gauge

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  • YCV 'Turbot' Engineers wagon in O Gauge

    YCV 'Turbot' Announcement

    At The O Gauge Guild exhibition in Telford today We exhibited the 1st Engineering prototypes (EPs) of our new 7mm scale model of the engineers dept.ballast wagon 'Turbot'
    The models RRP is £69.95 and are anticipated to be available early Q1 2019

    During the early 1970's BR found that the Bogie Bolster 'E' wagons were becoming redundant. Being relativity young,and acknowledging an emerging need within the engineers department, due to ageing stock the decision was taken to rebuilt some of these bogie bolsters into ballast wagons by fitting a high-sided body to the existing chassis.

    BR found itself with a large fleet of young but under-used Bogie Bolster E wagons in the 1970s, 1200 of the type having been built in 1961 and 1962 but proving too short to be useful for steel traffic. As the engineers fleet at the time was varied and elderly, it was decided to rebuild some of these Bogie Bolsters as ballast wagons.

    A low-sided 3-door body was constructed and a steel plate fitted onto the ends to prevent loads from spilling on to the draw-gear. The wagons were first painted in civil engineers 'Dutch' livery and designated YCV under TOPS with the fish-kind of Turbot. Later some of the fleet were repainted by EWS in maroon and gold.

    The numbers allocated to these wagons was from DB978000 and ultimately almost 1000 were at Sheldon an converted, using the majority of the source wagon fleet. Wagons up to DB978746 were converted at Shildon, Swindon and Doncaster upto 1988..

    Our new model features include:
    • Pinpoint axles
    • High detail, multi-component bogie construction with metal coil springs
    • Accurate chassis design and underframe detail
    • Sprung buffers
    • Working 'instanter' coupling
    • Profiled metal wheels
    • Separate side doors, stanchions and debris deflection plates
    • Separate counterbalance springs and door arms
    By modelling the doors and stancions separately,we have been able to to accurately depict the fit of these parts with prototypical gaps between doors and wagon floor. For those who wish, it is possible with a minor amount of alteration to 'pose' the door position in any configuration.

    The first release of wagons will be Dutch and EWS liveries:
    Running End
    Dapol No. Number Livery Steps
    7F-043-001 978363 EWS NO
    7F-043-002 978396 EWS NO
    7F-043-003 978309 EWS NO
    7F-043-004 978337 Dutch NO
    7F-043-005 978407 Dutch NO
    7F-043-006 978702 Dutch Yes


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    7mm Turbot, released for info

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