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    Well 2018 is nearly in the past, can Dapol tell us yet what joys they have in store for their Terrier’s in 2019?


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    Originally posted by David Elvy View Post
    Well 2018 is nearly in the past, can Dapol tell us yet what joys they have in store for their Terrier’s in 2019?

    I'm sure they will be working on the plans once they are back in the office in the new year, though given they have large stocks of the 2018 release models I doubt Terriers will be a high priority. The DMUs, Sentinel shunters and GWR 48xx are on the schedule for 2019 and I'd guess at another batch of the sold-through GWR 57xx, so I would not anticipate a new batch of Terriers until 2020.

    If there is any news there is an O gauge show in Bristol at the end of January. Dapol will likely bring along the latest pre-production models and have flyers out for proposed new models.

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      It’s a bit disappointing to hear Dapol have a large stock of the 2018 Terrier’s, how do you know they still have large stocks unsold, especially as BOXHILL was in a more correct IEG livery, I’ll need to check next week if any of the special edition BOXHILL Terrier’s are still available.
      Unfortunately modelling cash has recently been invested in my layout or I could have been interested in investing in a few more Marsh livery Terrier’s to rename, another 10 should complete the fleet required for my New Cross works layout.



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        I work for a Dapol retailer and Dapol send a current stock list along with their monthly new release order form to prompt us order restocks as well.

        So far as I am aware the BOXHILL model is a Rails exclusive, so Dapol don't have any of those left.
        The general release models were BR 32650 lined black (IoW bunker), SECR 751, LSWR 734, plain black and Fenchurch in Marsh umber (Bluebell Railway) .
        A small number of 643s in Marsh umber showing at the beginning of December.

        Ian S.

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      Thank for the updated information, I already have 3 x No. 643 two of which have been renumbered, another 2 or 3 models of Fenchurch to rename are a distinct probability but these will be obtained from a retailer who doesn’t charge the rrp.

      I am a pre-grouping modeller so some of the models you mention are of no interest to me personally and with the Marsh livery Models still available I don’t yet need to start thinking about complete repaints.

      Last night we had all 11 of my models plus a friends repainted Grangemouth No. 5 in operation, the sound was quite impressive.

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