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  • Suggestion: 0 Gauge Schools

    Hi I'm new to the forums and was directed at Telford to ask my question below.

    What does the forum think to Dapol producing an 0 gauge Schools class steam loco with the ability to traverse slightly less than 4' radius? Would there be enough interest.? Dapol has gained experience with our smaller cousin in N so that may be applied to our larger scale.

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    Definitely! I was thinking that if and when Dapol move to tender locomotives, something like a Schools (which they already do in N) or an 0-6-0 tender would be a good start. It's not a huge Pacific so would have wider appeal and seems like a logical step up from a tank engine.


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      Another suggestion: How about an O gauge WW2 Charlie, (C1) again southern design by Bullied and a no fills tender loco..


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        Given the preponderance of O Gauge micro-layouts I think Dapol would be best advised to stick to tank and small tender locos for now.


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          Whilst that is true, a number of manufacturers are going large, with an A3, A4 and a number of larger diesels on the way.
          A small to mid sized tender loco RTR would fit into a spot not yet filled.

          A Q1 would be great (again, Dapol already has a version in N gauge) so the groundwork is there already. I'd like to see something like a Fowler 4F or even a BR standard.


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            I think small size, broad appeal and most importantly low prices have been key to DapoI's early success in O Gauge and I suspect they will stick to that formula. If I were them I'd be thinking 14xx, 45xx, M7 and industrial shunters.


            • Joel Dapol
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              We are working on the next loco now, but in line with our new approach, there will be no announcement until we are way down the development path. However, I think small is beautiful in O gauge.

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            I agree with you, smaller tank engines are a sure seller. But it's always fun to wish list! An M7 or O2 would be great and I'm looking forward to both the Pannier and Jinty.

            Ultimately though (and I'm talking much further down the line) I'd love to see something on the larger side.


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              I'd love to see Dapol do a 0-4-0 or 0-6-0 Sentinel Diesel shunter.
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                As an alternative, and as the opinion seems to favour tank locos, the LBSCR almost exclusively used tank locos many of which were used on express trains. I suggest the D1; H2 Atlantics (tender version) and or the L class Remembrance. Especially as its the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1. It would be a way paying homage to all the railway men who lost their lives or suffered injuries from physical to mental. My grand father finished his days as deputy SM of Waterloo, but carried the mental scars to his grave, rarely talking of events in the trenches.



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                  A Stroudley C1 Class would make a nice tender loco, limited livery options but there were a few in the class