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  • Product Question: Turning an 08 into an 09

    Hi. I attempted to inquire via your web site 'send us an email' a couple of times, but no one seems to respond to this. I have an 'O' gauge Dapol 08 in green with no numbers and no wasp stripes. I have another 08 awaiting delivery number D3043 (73C Hither Green). I would like to convert the unnumbered 08 into an 09. I have a few photographs from on-line sites showing both 08 and 09 engines, but none seem to show the difference with side lockers or piping between the two types. I still have a Hornby model of D3721 an 09 in '00', and I wonder if the front side lockers on the right hand side of the 08 (looking forward from the cab), can be removed without damage to the model to make the unnumbered 08 into D3721 (also originally based at Hither Grren)? I am just new to 'O' gauge, but with these models and others to follow, I am glad that I have changed from '00'. I have purchased the Terrier and a few S.R. wagons and brake van from a Canadian supplier. With new Mk.1 Dapol coaches arriving in the near future, an 09 would be great to shunt a few of these coaches on my layout. Thank you for great 'O' gauge products, and I look forward to more. Cheers, Ed.

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    First off I found this quite useful for sorting out the various changes on the class 08/09 builds Covers the boxes, doors, hinges etc. as they are supposed to have been built.

    The 09s were later build 08s with gearing for a higher maximum speed, so have the later style body without the external hinge straps. The locos were also air brake from new, so had the additional small cabinet on the left side between the fuel tank and middle box and the front exhauster boxes on both sides.
    The best starting point for an 09 will be one of the next batch of 08s with the later body style and appropriate vacuum and air brake boxes already in place.

    I can't comment on removing the front exhauster boxes, but wouldn't recommend it given most versions have been made by Dapol. After removing the box the doors behind would need to be reconstructed as full depth doors, which seems a lot of work to make something which has probably been made already.

    Ian S.


    • Ed Wills
      Ed Wills commented
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      Hello Ian. Thank you very much for this. I have bookmarked the site you provided, and as you say, a newer version 08 would be much more appropriate. Regards, Ed.

    • Joel Dapol
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      Hello Ed, Have to agree with IanS (thank you by the way) that a better option would be to wait for the later version release early next year as a source for conversion.

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    Seasons Greetings. Following on from the above post, as I couldn't find a way to post in the 'poll' section, may I add my two pence worth, and suggest an 'O' gauge model of the B.R.(S) Motor Luggage Van? They appear to have run in the same colour schemes as the slam door coaches on B.R., and follow on nicely from the other single unit 121 and 122 DMUs. This model would be great for B.R.(S) layouts along with the Terrier and Class 08, plus the proposed B.R. Mk.1 coaches. Regards, Ed.


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      Just received an email from Hattons that Gaugemaster is commissioning possibly 5 different versions of the 'O' gauge 09 diesel shunter, estimated for January 2020 delivery. Only one in green is a NRM version with wasp stripes, but perhaps Dapol will consider an earlier version in all over green? Anyway, very good news whatever colour scheme is chosen, and thank you again Dapol.