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Announcing the Class 122 'Bubblecar'

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  • JeremiahBunyan
    [I]Is it safe to assume that a Class 121 is also in the pipeline. IIRC Heljan announced one but since Dapol's pricing is lower and Dapol has a better record I'm sure you're will emerge the winner. Especially after you'll knocked out the two bubble cars in OO and it was highly rated.[/I]
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  • Graham Burberry
    Next Collectors Club loco?????

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  • Andy Dapol
    started a topic Announcing the Class 122 'Bubblecar'

    Announcing the Class 122 'Bubblecar'

    We're please to say that we are producing the Gloucester built class 122 railcars into our O gauge range.

    The prototype:
    Overall only 20 of these single unit railcars were built by the Gloucester carriage and wagon company for introduction during 1958. The class 122 was the 1st of two railcars to be introduced to B.R. (followed by the class 121). Very soon after introduction, due to the (then) large glass windows it became affectionately known as the 'Bubblecar', a nickname shared with the class 121. A number of trailer units were also built and the class formed the basis of the class 116 3 car units.

    Used extensively in the Midlands and west country, the class also saw service in Scotland, Stockport, and St. Albans areas. They were possibly best remembered as being used on the St. Ives - St. Earth and other Cornish branch lines until withdrawal in 1993. After passenger service they were used/adapted for route learning and other departmental usages.

    The model:
    After development our our successful OO gauge model, we have scaled up to the 7mm version. Featuring all new design to take advantage of the larger scale, we have added detail both in the underframe and interior areas.
    Mechanical and electrical features have also been reviewed and our newly developed power bogie will allow smooth slow running and scale depth interior detailing. All new seating with tubular frame detail, separate door handles and etched grills where appropriate are just a few of the many detail parts.

    Fully operation interior lighting, cab lighting and head-code/destination panel lighting is included and it is of course DCC ready, with factory fitted options for both DCC and DCC sound.

    The model is currently at 1st shot stage, and the photographs are of the project managers hand built sample (as displayed at LMC's Alexandra Palace exhibition recently). Operational EPs are due shortly.

    Eventually all variations and liveries will be covered. The model is intended for release during Q4 this year. The models recommended Retail Price (RRP) is £299.00
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