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122 Minimum Radius?

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  • 122 Minimum Radius?


    Is it possible to find out what the minimum radius curve the class 122 DMU will go around?

    Regards Daryl Blake

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    Tempting though it is to provide an answer of 3.5 chains....

    Pending an answer from Andy on the design specification, Dapol have been designing their O gauge range to negotiate the Peco Setrack curve at 1020mm / 40.5in radius and I would expect the DMU to be designed with this in mind also.
    Please note that this is considered an exceptionally sharp radius for O gauge and long vehicles like the DMU will look very out of place. Most O gauge modellers consider 6 feet radius to be the acceptable minimum for running large / mainline stock (ie, bigger than shunting engines and 4 wheel wagons) with 5 feet being thought of as a bit tight.
    In general and in all scales it is best to design your layout to use the largest radii possible for the best appearance.

    For comparison the 3.5 chains which I believe was the design absolute minimum for a BR Mk.1 coach (dead slow speed and I think with gangways separated, using the emergency screw coupling and probably the re-railing gang expecting to be needed at any moment) would scale out to 5ft (in round numbers).


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      IanS is correct, although it may go round 7040.00cm at a pinch

      But seriously; we've designed for R2 1028mm although with careful track laying, and use of good practice (such as transition curves etc.) this could be improved upon in 'the real world'. The advice given about is sound and curves would always be the largest possible, but compromise is always necessary when modelling.
      Hope this helps.

      Dapol Staff Member