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    my Q1 is now in need of a new Motor, the old one still runs but gets rather hot and trips the decoders thermal protection.

    I looked on DCCSupplies site and they don't list a motor, the only Q1 part they list is a motor cradle, which they also state is for the 9F, I did a quick check under 9F and they list a motor for that, so I assume if I get the 9F motor and 9F/Q1 motor cradle it should fit, right.

    except the decoder socket PCB on the Q1 goes under the motor but on the 9F and just about every other Dapol steamer I have seen have the decoder PCB leaning against the back of the motor at an angle, so if the Q1/9F motor mount is correct how is it supposed to fit the Q1 as it does not have the recess for the decoder PCB, or have I missed something obvious.

    thanks for any help with this.


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    Hi @Jenette-H. It depends on the version you have. If you have the early unit with cylindrical motor you will need to replace the cradle and purchase a new motor.. You will probably also need to replace the PCB with the 6 pin socket that fits under the motor mount. If you have the new motor (regular 'open frame' type) then just the motor will be required.

    I understand that you placed an order for a motor cradle and motor on the 8th which shipped on the 11th, so you should receive these shortly.

    Dapol Staff Member


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      Hi Andy

      yes all sorted now, not helped by DCCSupplies confusing everything by showing photos of the old motor and cradle but actually supplying the new Motor and cradle, ended up I only needed the motor and that's now fitted and all is running well.

      one thing I did note, the drive shaft coupling supplied with the new Motor no longer has the shaped slot which retains the drive shaft, stopping it accidently falling out, the new drave shaft just has a slot, was this a design change or an error, as the new one does not hold the shaft and it easily falls out, an easy problem for me to fix, i just swapped the coupling over between motors.

      If it's not a deliberate change you may have a minor issue in the factory.

      just a heads up, in case you start getting complaints about how easy it is for the drive shaft to fall out.