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Is mine the oldest Dapol Q1 still running?

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  • Is mine the oldest Dapol Q1 still running?

    I bought my Q1 on the release day at the N-gauge Society show where they were first released, getting it from a trader there a couple of seconds after the show opened - i.e. the official release time. It was taken straight over to our layout "Farndon Road" and given a quick test then put on a train.

    By the middle of the afternoon I realised I hadn't oiled it - it had travelled about a quarter of a mile by then. So it was taken off the track, weathered, oiled and put back on the same train where it ran for the rest of the two days without a problem. Towards the end of the second day George Smith came across and looked at it and his comment was something to the effect of "we make nice new shiny engines for you and what do you do? Cover them in dirt!"

    Since then it has not done many shows (most of my LNER fleet run very regularly to entertain the punters) but did a stint on Rise Park last year. It has had nothing other than a little lubrication and an occasional spin to keep it in order. I would add that it is one of the few locos I have that are still analogue.

    I estimate it has travelled about four miles since new- one of my B1s is now getting close to 20....