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  • Neil Dapol
    Hi, I believe the older variants of this model may have had exposed gears but not later versions. I would suggest oiling the motion is still relevant but there should be no need to go taking the keeper plate off. The factory applied luibricant applied to the internal workings should suffice for now.

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  • REGP
    started a topic Oiling Instructions

    Oiling Instructions

    Some friends and I recently bought N gauge Ditcheat & Broome Manor locos from your monthly special offers.

    The guarantee tells us that it is invalid if you do not follow the oiling instructions.

    These instructions tell you to oil the motion and the "exposed gears" on the bottom of the loco.

    There is even a helpful picture showing the said exposed gears but there aren't any exposed gears, there's some form of cover over the gears.

    Are we correct in assuming the gears no longer need oiling and ŵe do not need to remove that cover?