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    Will the attached Click image for larger version

Name:	M7 section.jpg
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    Dapol Staff Member


    • Atso
      Atso commented
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      Hi Joel and Andy,

      Would it be possible to model the cab doors closed on the revised model and put the chip in there on the floor - maybe with a higher false floor and to half of a crew to disguise things?



    • Jcmjcm
      Jcmjcm commented
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      I agree with Atso
      Closed cab doors and chip at low level. Next18 interface may help keep it all nice and compact.
      The majority of N gauge modellers at my local club have now converted to DCC so it seems a really backwards step not to include this feature in a retooled model

      Best Regards

    • Joel Dapol
      Joel Dapol commented
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      Hi Guys, even in a semi visible position on the cab floor will be a tight squeeze. However, we will investigate the possibility and come back to you.

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    Nice model, but in this day and age, I really can't believe Dapol even considered that making this non DCC ready was the way to go, what were you all thinking or on when that decision was made, must at have been some strong stuff being smoked that day. I don't mind converting models built before DCC became the norm but not going to do the work a lazey designer should have done these days. So these are not for me, Sorry.


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      My two pence worth...

      I'll echo the above comments - anyone starting or restarting railway modelling is probably going to start with a DCC layout (as I have). Not having a DCC option is going to cut you off from a significant market.

      Another thought - have you thought of suppling them un-numbered but with several loco numbers as 'Airfix' type transfers. Someone like myself, who's planning to model the Southern Railway pre WW2, would then have the option of buying several M 7's and being able to apply different running numbers to them - ditto the Terrier when that emerges in SR colours again. That would seem to be a low cost way of expanding the number of locos sold.


      • Joel Dapol
        Joel Dapol commented
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        Thanks for you input and we are looking at options for DCC fitting, but we are really limited for space but we will see what we can do.

        With regard to your other comment about unnumbered models, we have tried this in O gauge and in most cases the unnumbered models are often the ones that are left in stock, most people IMO want RTR to be exactly that and do not the hassle of numbering or applying transfers. From feedback from our customers, the numbers we apply by tampo printing are relatively easy to remove by gently rubbing with a cocktail stick and new numbers can be applied which are obtainable from numerous specialist suppliers.

        Thanks again for your comments

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      Joel Dapol Attached are photos of a NEXT18 socket install. Only modifications were removal of floor and bunker wall moulding and a slither of plastic below the firebox door to make room for wire from motor to cab.
      Hope this helps
      Click image for larger version

Name:	0EE298F3-4A69-45D0-963C-BDEACDA87162.jpeg
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      Decoder installed
      Cab view with decoder installed
      Happy to send more photos or loan you model if you want to take a closer look.
      Best Regards


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        Joel Dapol - thanks for your comments re renumbering of models. For someone coming back into the hobby after 50 odds years, a lot has changed. Maybe a short paragraph in the instructions you ship with each model stating that the numbers can be removed as per your method and renumbered using externally sourced transfers. It's certainly something I'll try when your M&'s come out - and something I didn't know before your post..


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          I’m pleased to see that the cab side numerals look right, Dapol have in the past used the wrong fonts so much so that I was put off buying a SR Terrier! The white lining does look a bit on the thick side. I am really looking forward to this model though.


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            I’ve just noticed that apart from having two log-ins (see Vectis above) I have been looking at the old M7 in jcmjcm’s photos. Please, please, Dapol, make sure you use the right font for the tank side numerals. The old M7 is correct but mistakes have been made on the new 00 SR Wainwright D class.


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              Joel Dapol Thank you for listening and adding DCC compatibility to your planned model