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  • J72?

    Is the J72 still on its way from Dapol? I had been lead to believe it had been cancelled because of a competing project from Bachmann, which is a shame, as Dapol had announced a NER liveried version I was quite looking forward to! Please tell me I have been misinformed!

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    We have not cancelled it but have put it on hold for now. Unfortunately, in N gauge the market is not big enough to support two models and duplication results in all the R&D and cash being wasted. As we are quite a small family business this would impact us more than Bachmann who have much deeper pockets. We have all the original drawings and information available and I would say if there has been no progress by the time we have cleared our own backlog of previously announced items (Battle of Britain, Class 50, 68 and 59 etc) then we will re-look at this. I hope this helps and explains our rather uncomfortable position on this.

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      That makes perfect sense and is actually a great relief. There was speculation on various forums that Bachmann had swooped in and made an announcement simply to keep Dapol from producing it for the reasons you mentioned, but actually has little intention of producing it in the near future. I'm very glad to hear that Dapol is still open to doing it if Bachmann drag their feet! Thanks very much for the full story, Joel!


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        Hey Joel,

        I just saw that Bachmann have canceled their J72, four years after announcing it, unsurprisingly. Does Dapol still have any interest in a J72 run? How far into the R&D side were you able to get before the project was shelved? I know the demand is there from those of us who have been expecting one to enter the market and I would love to another Dapol tank engine soon I realize definite decisions may not have been made yet, but I’m just curious if it is a possibility.

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        • Joel Dapol
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          Hello Philip, it came as a bit of a surprise to see the statement from Bachmann over the J72. We are currently fully committed with regard to spending over the next 6-12 months. The current economic uncertainty and probable slow down means we have to take a prudent and cautious stance. I would therefore confirm there may be a possibility but cannot commit to any more than this I am afraid.

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        Thank you, as always, for your prompt and forthright reply. I certainly understand Dapol already having made its plans for the immediate future (I couldn’t imagine otherwise) and I can similarly appreciate that now is a difficult time to forecast future costs, especially in terms of manufacture and import. I am glad to hear that it is back in the realm of possibility in the long term, however, and I look forward to future announcements from Dapol. You may have been surprised by the announcement from Bachmann, but I certainly wasn’t. Dapol is tremendously more reliable when it comes to announcements and Bachmann’s decision to run one always seemed spiteful and insincere. I hope that sometime in the 2020s I’ll be running a Dapol J72, but we will have to see what the future brings! I appreciate greatly your time and wish you all the best.



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          I'm hoping that Dapol do end up doing a J72, i was really annoyed when Bachmann made the announcement about cancelling their project as it something i was looking forward to, seems hard to find small tank engines in N scale in LNER livery so if Dapol end up providing for us i will be over the moon and certainly be after as many as i can get.