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Which DCC decoder fits the Hall

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  • Which DCC decoder fits the Hall

    Hi all

    asking this question for someone else who can't find a decoder small enough to fit his Dapol Hall Class 'Hinderton Hall' (ND-135OSB1/

    he has tried all the usual small decoders from Zimo, Gaugemaster and Lenz including the new tiny one from Zimo and with every one the decoder hits the roof of the tender body preventing the tender from clipping back on.

    anyone with this model, what decoder did you use and did you have to make any modifications to get the tender body back on.


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    Gaugemaster DCC23 fits no problem, I have one in my Lanelay Hall


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      Looking at the post about it here and looking at the photo of the original poster compared to the post of the photo taken from the youchoos website Dapol for some reason are now fitting these with a PCB this raises the decoder too high so that even the small Gaugemaster DCC23 now hits the roof of the tender so it cannot clip back in place, its apparently the same with the Zimo MX616N which is the smallest 6 pin decoder available.

      Someone at Dapol needs their knuckles rapped for this one.


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        Doing some more resurch it looks like Dapol have fitted the wrong PCB to some of these Hall's, or changed the design without trying it with a decoder fitted.



        • Joel Dapol
          Joel Dapol commented
          Editing a comment
          Hello Jeanette, we have run two batches of Halls so far and have not changed the specification. Space is tight for decoder fitting and in a few cases we have found the tolerances experienced with the plastic injected arts have caused the issues you have identified, i.e. difficulty in re-fitting the tender top. In such cases we have advised a slight shaving of the plastic causing the interference in the interior of the tender with a craft knife, or alternatively a return to Dapol for us to fit. I would however like to point out that in the 4000 or so Halls sold so far, this has only affected a handful of models. I hope that helps.

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        Thanks, but if you look at all the photos in the link above you will see that you have changed the PCB design, the one that does not fit is clearly longer with 3 solder pads at each end, the photo showing one that fits clearly shows a shorter PCB without the 3 solder pads at each end.

        so something has changed


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          I used the ct elektronik dcx75 fits perfectly, has smaller pins than the Zimo which aids fitting. It gives superb control too


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            Can you remember which PCB was fitted to yours, the one with 3 solder pads at each end or the one without solder pads



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              I’m not sure. I have hinderton hill if that helps.