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  • Another cranky Grange

    I've also got a problem with my Grange that I purchased at Ally Pally but I'm having trouble proving it's the loco. Let me explain.

    When I got it home I put it on my test track which is code 80 with an ancient Farish controller. It ran fine right down to a crawl (DC not DCC). Recently in preparation for an exhibition this coming weekend I ran it on the exhibition layout and it ran really badly with the motor growling and jerking. All my other locos (Manors, Halls, 2884's, etc) ran fine. Thinking it just needed a clean and lube I set to. Afterwards I ran it on my test track and it was perfect.

    However, placing it on my exhibition layout again I found it still growled and jerked it's way around the track. My exhibition layout uses Gaugemaster W controllers (No feedback). After lots of tests and checks I find that the loco runs fine on both test track and layout when I use the Farish controller but hates the W. Clutching at straws now I swapped the blanking plug which, as I suspected, had no effect. I have also checked the pickup of every individual wheel and, with the motor just ticking over, they are perfect.

    The difference in the sound the motor makes is remarkable. It's almost as if the W is putting out an ac overlay or is on half wave rectification. However I got three W's and a spare transformer and the problem is always there regardless of the combination.

    I'm now stumped.

    Advice please?

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    Have you tried hooking up the W to a multi-meter to see if the outputs from that match what should be a DC output for N? I'm with you in that it sounds almost as though the W is putting out DCC instead of DC.


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      I've compared voltages for both the W (All three W's) and the Farish controllers and the voltages are good. I've also dug out my old GPO (Yes really) meter and put that on as a wavering needle is better to indicate a dodgy supply than a damped digital meter and it is rock steady.


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        The only difference in power output between a standard Farish and a gauge master W is in Amps. As I understand it, Farish outputs a max of 12v and .75amps and a W 12v and 1amps.

        The ampage shouldn't make too much difference unless there is a circuitry issue within the loco in that maybe there is an incorrect resistor value in situ or, the blanking plug has been installed the wrong way around.

        My only other suggestion is, if you have access to one, install a DCC chip (which is DCC/DC switchable) and see if this makes any difference.

        failing that, it sounds like a return and swap.


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          Actually ignore the blanking plug suggestion, you would have had issue with the Farish controller too...


          • Joel Dapol
            Joel Dapol commented
            Editing a comment
            My apologies for the inconvenience, but if possible it might be worth trying it on another layout to see if the problem persists. I will also as Andy whether he has any suggestions.

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          Hi Graham Bridge, It might be interesting to look at the waveform with a 'scope if you have one.
          However, I think from your description it could be an issue with a smoothing capacitor or perhaps a winding in the motor. We'd need to take a look to be sure.
          Was this a purchase from Dapol at A.P?

          Dapol Staff Member


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            Hi Andy,
            I don't have access to a scope. It was purchased at Ally Pally. Hopefully I've got the receipt somewhere. Are there any more tests that I can do?


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              Hi Graham, as per PM please send it to DCC Supplies for a check.

              Dapol Staff Member


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                Many thanks. I'll print out this thread so they know what they are looking for.


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                  All fixed!

                  I returned the loco to DCC Supplies who, on Friday 13th reported it was a dodgy motor and it had been replaced. Yesterday I emailed them as I'd not received the loco back and they promptly admitted it had been left on their "finished" shelf. These things happen and I appreciate their honesty.

                  This morning the loco arrived and, having checked all my combination of layouts/transformers/controllers I happy to report I have one very well behaved Grange. Thanks are due to Andy because I would never have suspected the motor.