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Britannia Minimum Radius?

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  • Britannia Minimum Radius?


    anyone know what the minimum radius track the Britannia can safely run on

    Mine has only ever been run on a large layout but the other night when I tried it on a smaller layout I had issues with it derailing on the smaller radius track, when the tender and cab came together on the inside of the radius because on this model the tender is mounted very close to the cab. The thing is the smaller radius I am trying to run this on is still 20 inches, it's ok on the outer 22 inch radius track.

    What should the minimum radius for this model be? As 20 inches is still quite big

    If it should go round a smaller radius any thoughts on my mine does not, I tried a new draw bar and drive shaft, just in case it had the wrong ones fitted but that made no difference as the new ones were the same as the fitted ones.

    thanks for any help with this.