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  • Slow and Noisy Britannia Class

    I am new to this forum and am a basic "beginner", so please forgive me for any numbskull comments or questions. My N Gauge Dapol Alfred the Great, which I purchased new about 3 months ago is beautiful, but somewhat noisy. This does not worry me too much although it's cause and subsequent cure would be useful. I am more interested in it's top speed. My Schools class Shrewsbury goes well beyond a sensible top speed, so no problems there and my GF N Class manages a top speed of 70/75 scale mph - which is probably a fair prototype top speed I would guess. But the Britannia only has a top scale speed of 60/65 mph, which I would have thought in prototype would be too low? Some articles I have looked at talk about CVs which frankly I just do not have a clue about.I just wondered if anyone here had any thoughts or suggestions? I am DCC and control and power my small 5 ft x 3.5 ft layout with an NCE Powercab. Thank you!

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    Welcome to the Digest.

    Your Britannia should definitely run quicker than a scale 65 mph. Just a quick couple of questions, have you run it on DC and if so did it run quicker?
    Is this factory installed DCC or have you put your own chip in?
    If you have installed your own decoder, do you mind me asking which one and have you tried swapping decoders over?

    Andy, our technical manager is away on business currently but hopefully witht eh above information, we can put a solution together on his return

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      Hi Joe - thank you very much for your response. I have not run it on DC as I started off with a DCC system from the outset. She was purchased from Hattons as a new DCC fitted loco - which I presume means factory fitted and not fitted by them?