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  • More footballers!! :-D

    Well I'm keeping The Model Centre in business! (TMC for short) before Warley 2017 I picked up second hand a Dapol BR livery B17 originally named Liverpool from Janes Trains after having two locos renamed by TMC one a B17 to Arsnal and a SR Maunsell green schools to 915 Brighton. Knowing they would be at the show i decided to take several locos to drop off but during the trip up I was part of The Model Railway clubs Test Tracks which at Warley we tested over the two day show over 1000 locos which again many of the traders such as Dapol where and are always happy to have our test tracks there helps you get to see if your new or second hand locos work or have a fault. I had two other locos to be renamed one a A3 to Captain Cuttle another B17 which I got at the show in LNER Green off of Dapols stand to be named to Norwich City.

    But the B17 in BR what name well originally being a operator for Lacey Dale my clubs The Model Railway club in London's N gauge layout set in the peak district c1958-1965. For the lower level which is a terminus in the country side as well as DMU's and loco hauled trains one theme I really see modelled are Special or excursion trains like The Ian Allan Spotters club, RCTS, Stephenson Society, football specials which where around so instead of having one race across the top level of the layout it be better to see a visiting loco on the lower to the station as a visiting loco with Gresley coaches not a long train but a four or less coach train so. Quickly getting back to having this loco named looking through names one stood out and would be the most appropriate for the location being No 61651 Derby County.

    So I handed over all locos to be renamed and renumbered it would take some time but as always with TMC its worth Waiting for! On the 8th of March all my locos sent off at Warley back in November arrived safe and sound. The work that TMC do is top notch I would like to renumber & rename my own locos at some point but I don't have a steady hand plus these guys do Sterling workmanship. After having the loco was run in and chipped. At the show The London Festival of railway modelling 2018 Lacey Dale was in attendance. I was operating the lover level, Derby County got a lot of attention good comments many people asking if it was a new Dapol loco being a name they had not seen I told them where and who renamed and renumber the loco once named Liverpool. The layout and locos preformed well it was good to be with a layout at Ally Pally last time being in 2014. to quote one famous football commentator "At the End of the Day" to have an appropriate named loco if out of location you can be justify this by making this loco a special or excursion special best way to counter act the Rivet counter brigade I still need to get a headboard named looks like its research time to see what football name boards or special names would be good for Derby County. See Pictures attached.

    I Hope you all enjoyed the show.

    Link to TMC

    Link To Lacey Dale The Model railway Clubs N gauge Layout

    Lacey Dale Twitter
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