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2848 Arsenal please Dapol :-D

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  • 2848 Arsenal please Dapol :-D

    LNER B17/6 footballers well in this case local team to me Arsenal could it be possible to release this in LNER green ? the reason behind this well.

    Many years ago when I used to go to the footy with my late mother who was a life long goner fan my mother told me that in the arsenal museum they had a locomotive named after the team or its name plate not sure if its actually there or some where if its still around I did ponder at renaming a B17 to Arsenal but alas no one dose the said name plates there are of course many B17's that were named after football teams its just something I'd like to see. Yes I'm stepping out of my Southern zone but I do like the LNER & others if this is at all possible Dapol that be great but I'm sure other members might have a B17 they'd like to see brought out in N thanks


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    Oh damn. I would have to buy at least 4 - one to run, one to put in a display case, and two to put in the loft to leave for my kids. Think I'm joking? Go on, try me! Please!


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      You might like this little video then... Oh and it said in Wikipedia non of them were preserved but the nameplates were presented to the named clubs.

      Also a little Wikipedia gives the following list for the other engines, so one version and alternate nameplates and numbers would keep some of the footballing members happy...
      2848 61648 Arsenal
      2849 61649 Sheffield United
      2850 61650 Grimsby Town
      2851 61651 Derby County
      2852 61652 Darlington
      2853 61653 Huddersfield Town
      2854 61654 Sunderland
      2855 61655 Middlesbrough
      2856 61656 Leeds United
      2857 61657 Doncaster Rovers
      2858 61658 Newcastle United (The Essex Regiment from June 1936)
      2859 61659 Norwich City (East Anglian from September 1937)
      2860 61660 Hull City
      2861 61661 Sheffield Wednesday
      2862 61662 Manchester United
      2863 61663 Everton
      2864 61664 Liverpool
      2865 61665 Leicester City
      2866 61666 Nottingham Forest
      2867 61667 Bradford
      2868 61668 Bradford City
      2869 61669 Barnsley
      2870 61670 Manchester City (Tottenham Hotspur from May 1937) (City of London from September 1937)
      2871 61671 Manchester City (Royal Sovereign from April 1946)
      2872 61672 West Ham United
      Lord Lonsdale unveils nameplate of railway locomotive named after the football team - Arsenal.
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      • Rowlie
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        Thanks for sharing the clip SteveU. I can well believe you RailGooner and the need for heirlooms. Southernlad86, the nameplate was in the entrance hall at Highbury above the office window, have to say I paid more attention to it than the bust of Herbert Chapman 😳. Hopefully it is still on display in the emirates, The Hornby model of the B17 came with self adhesive cab panels and nameplates, you can get Arsenal nameplates from the N gauge society.

      • Joel Dapol
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        Great Footage, thank you for posting. We may look at some B17's in the next year or two (we still have Liverpool and Manchester City in stock) and are selling off some Evertons in LNER Green we found in the back of the warehouse after the open day in this months specials on our website.

      • SteveU
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        Have ordered an Everton from the specials having seen it at the open day and ummed and ahhhed, having already bought my 'quota' for the day... Then you put it on the specials! *shakes fist in air... ;-)

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      The Wait Is Over!
      I picked up back at Ally pally a B17 Manchester city for £60 off of Dapol's stall TMC AKA The Model Centre where also in attendance, so I took it over asked them politely about renaming and numbering the loco to 2848 Arsenal they said yes paid my part for it which was only at the time £56 they said it would take a while so left it in there capable hands.

      Three weeks later after ally pally I gave them a call on the progress of the model they said the numbers had been done the only thing that would take time is the Name plate which the company they get the other footballer names from oddly don't do Arsenal. I thought strange since you can get other clubs but not Arsenal. So they said it had to be specially made up which would make my loco a rare model indeed in N gauge. it arrived over two weeks ago ran perfectly and chipped easy and now looks a treat on The Model Railway clubs gauge layout Lacey Dale and arrived less then 4 days after Arsnal's FA Cup Victory :-D hopefully these picture will help inspire Dapol for some Arsenal in our lives and some over teams as even the Chairman of our club a goner fan agrees.


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        For those wanting to renumber a Footballer those nice Fox people from Leicestershire (aka Fox Transfers) now do nameplates for some of them. They do them in club colours but the footballs are flat rather than in half-relief. They also do headboards for some named trains, which haven't been available before from the N Gauge Society, and rumbers for the cab sides. I find a Faber-Castell Perfection erasing pencil (available from good art shops) and patience will take the old cabside numbers off cleanly. . No better recommendation than a satisfied customer- I have their nameplates on a couple of my A3s and one A4 so far.

        The other thing worth noting is that NONE of the B17s lasted long enough for heraldically correct late BR crests. Those receiving a late crest had it facing the chimney on both sides of the tender. The late W.B.Yeadon checked every class member at the scrapyard.