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A4 - Loose Return Crank

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  • A4 - Loose Return Crank

    Can anyone advise on adjusting the return crank on a Dapol A4, please? One of my locos. suffers from a return crank on one side that does not rotate smoothly - it does part of a turn then stops moving while the driving wheels continue to rotate and then suddenly catches-up. It doesn't seem to affect the actual running of the loco. but looks very odd! Is this crank retained through a "slotted" hole by the crank pin and it so, does the pin unscrew, or is it glued in place? I've tried gently turning the retaining bolt but it is tightly retained.

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    Hi doug22150 ,
    Occasionally the crank is not located on the pin correctly, there are two flats machined on the pin corresponding to the crank mounting hole. It can be that the screw is tight, but as the crank is not located is causes this issue. I suggest loosening the screw a little and re-locating the crank to see if this fixes it. The body mount of the assembly is glued in place, with locating slots in the running plate and lugs on the metal part.

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      Thanks fo rthat advice Andy, I was nervous about unscrewing the crank pin but will now give that a try.


      • Andy Dapol
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        Not a problem, BTW. There is a tool included in the accessory pack (the long rod-like device).

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      Andy. That worked perfectly. Somewhat fiddly to keep the return crank properly engaged on the shoulder while re-tightening the retaining nut but smooth movemet of the motion has now been fully restored.. Thanks again.