Another A3! Well after picking up a DCC fitted A3 at the Dapol Collectors Open day back in September 2017. At the open day in the shop I cam across this A3 Grand Parade a DCC fitted one for £80 ran fine when at home and on my clubs layout Lacey Dale. Although I already have grand parade I got a year ago. I ‘d like to have another A3 my friend James said pointing out the loco has the Great Northern style tender so if I wanted it Renamed & Renumbered by yes you guessed it TMC. And the LNER A3’s came with different looks so in speaking with Simon AC Martin and sending him a picture of the said loco he looked into the names close to the locos look. When looking through the list of names I looked up the next loco that was built in the same year of Grand Parade it was a name I had not thought about for a long, long time. Many years ago when I was a small boy I was at a show somewhere in Kent and on a O gauge layout which had a lot of LNER apple Green locos one stood out as LNER A3 Pacific 2745 Captain Cuttle, a name I liked the sound of, there are many names that would be just as good but going back to the list. I saw that Captain cuttle was built after Grand parade so I went with that at Warley 2017 while operating our clubs test tracks on the Saturday I took over to TMC my A3 I took a while but soon the postman dropped off several of my renamed and renumbered locos among them was 2745 looking fantastic then it hit me needs weathering Top shed weathering. So I gave the loco to David Cross I asked him to give the Captain a top shed look. He happily took on the task and as always David's work never disappoints. Later on Acton Depot would be holing an Open day in July our clubs flag ship layout Copenhagen Fields would be in attendance. Showing my loco after having taken some photos of Captain cuttle on Copenhagen fields when no power is on and as you can see it looks the part on 2MM Finescale track.