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A3 Lemberg

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  • Neil Dapol
    Hi, have you given it a very light lubrication as per the instructions? Also I would suggest persevering with running in (they can take a while). Are the two thin wires between the tender and the loco in good order? If still no joy get back in touch.

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  • Piece of coal
    started a topic A3 Lemberg

    A3 Lemberg

    I got this model new. I’ve not put a DCC chip in it, looking it over I’m very pleased with the level of detail and so I put it on my track.... I’m using a gaugemaster analog controller.
    when it goes its ok but at slow speeds it sometimes stops. Also, if I stop it and then start again it won’t start without a nudge..... it’s fustrating, is there something wrong with it