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2S-011-006 A3 Flying Scotsman 60103 BR Green Late Crest

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  • 2S-011-006 A3 Flying Scotsman 60103 BR Green Late Crest

    I see this version has been listed on a few websites. Is this a late 1950's / 1960's livery or as preserved now with smoke deflectors, corridor tender, etc.
    Many thanks

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    The model reflects the prototype just before smoke deflectors were fitted.

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      Thank you, any plans to do an as currently preserved example?

    • Joel Dapol
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      Not currently, but perhaps later on.

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    Scotsman is the most frustrating A3 of the lot. It was an A1 until quite late, so its "real" prewar and wartime guises would have no superheater blisters. It was also right-hand drive until 1954, and once it lost its corridor tender to an A4 in about 1935 it had a non-standard tender for an A3, being an A4-type streamlined high-sided tender rather than an A3-style 1927 type.

    This means that whatever Dapol does it is going to be a compromise unless an arm and a leg are spent on extra tooling (which is almost certainly not justifiable). However, there is a lot the modeller can do if he or she is THAT concerned about getting an "accurate" Scotsman. It should be possible to move the ejector pipe and reversing rods to the opposite side of the loco- easier for a modeller to do than to create a new tool. The tender top can be altered by filing away the rainstrip moulding and making a streamlined outline for the cab from plasticard. This will make it look less like a "new type" and more like a streamlined type.

    To add insult to injury the tender Scotsman gained on preservation was also non-standard, being one of those which were cut down in 1948 for the Loco exchanges to fit under Southern, LMS and GW water cranes which were lower than LNER ones. Oddly of all the tenders that were available to them this pair of "odd" tenders were modelled by Farish for both their A3 and A4 corridor tenders.....

    Then to cap it all it was fitted in preservation with a Diagram 107 (A4) boiler with the dome and boiler bands further forwards and the washout plugs on the firebox sides at an angle rather than being arranged horizontally.

    This means ANY model of Scotsman is going to be an approximation. If you want it 100% accurate- well we are modellers, a little scalpel and glue work will get you there.

    Personally, if I go prewar for the next layout I'm more likely to be trying to create an A1 or an A3 that was a prewar rebuild than try to get an exact Scotsman. After all Scotsman could be described as the Kardashian of the A3s, famous for being famous. The fastest of the class was 2750 Papyrus - 8mph faster than Scotsman and still the fastest ever non-streamlined steam loco.

    Hope this helps.
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