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another dapol and another faulty Loco out of the box

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  • another dapol and another faulty Loco out of the box

    After promising myself to never buy another Dapol I succumbed to temptation and picked up one of the Terriers.

    Put it on the test track and nothing totally dead.

    Was going to convert it to DCC do popped the body off to see if anything obvious was amiss, and surprise surprise it was obvious.

    The wire that is supposed to go from the right track pickup direct to the motor had not only never been soldered to the motor but the end had not even been prepared or stripped ready.

    Nice to see Dapol are keeping up with their shoddy production quality

    This will now definitely be the last Dapol I buy.

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    I wonder why I bother to repeatedly tell people to ask retailers and shop owners to test a model before despatching it....not the first time I've told you this.

    Unnecessary rants like this wouldn't exist because all the lemons would've been filtered out at the shop itself. This saving you the rant time and other forum members from repeatedly trying to advise you on something.

    The day and age of people asking politely for an exchange are long gone. The hobby is full of ranters now.

    PS: Not all models are tested by the factory in China which Dapol ecommissions to manufacture models. Testing thousands of models isn't a viable thing anymore. They take random models out and inspect. Dapol put their trust in a factory to manufacture quality models.
    Jeremiah Bunyan...


    • IanS
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      From the retail side of the counter...
      It is interesting how every loco certain customers buy manages to be faulty...

    • JeremiahBunyan
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      Absolutely agree IanS it baffles/amuses me that there's a specific group of people who will have issues with every model they buy from a particular manufacturer.

      I've seen such people when it comes to Hornby products and when it comes to Dapol products.

      You can give them as much advice as possible on how to get a good model, but it just falls on deaf ears.