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  • Improved Engine Green

    In some of the press photos for the newest run of Terriers, 'Thames' appears to be a more yellow shade than previous models. Improved Engine Green is a notoriously contentious livery colour and I was wondering if Dapol has made a change to the colour they use for it? Or if this is a trick of the light in press photos? (Being in the US I can't pop in my local model shop and check!). Thanks in advance for any info on this!

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    Hello, yes we have made some slight alterations to the shade we used for improved engine green and indeed it is a bit more yellow. This brings it more in line with our own research into the colour and the shades we used for the O gauge model. I hope that helps.

    Dapol Staff Member


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      Thanks Joel! I think your research was probably correct (there is an ongoing argument about IEG in the Brighton Circle egroup). I'm fonder of the less accurate ochre colour that you previously used and which has been commonly used for restorations, but now I have an excellent excuse to pick up a 'Thames' to add to my terrier collection! (That'll make Thames, Earlswood, Bodiam, and Portishead). From the press photos the colour seems very in line with the colour chosen by the NRM for Gladstone, which seems to be the most accurate from what we can tell (contemporary accounts describe it as 'canary yellow'). Thanks for the info, Joel, and kudos to Dapol for adding improvements to extant models!


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        Just received my new 'Thames' and I am incredibly impressed by the updates to the livery/detailing! I was expecting just an update to the livery colour, but boy was I wrong! A number of improvements over the original batch have been made, including brass coloured instead of black condensing pipes, more accurately scaled and correctly shaped lining, paint on the Westinghouse air pump (which was also lined, but I can see what a nightmare that would be in n!) and several other detailed bits that were previously black. On the whole I'm incredibly impressed with the improvements (beyond just the colours, which also look quite smart). Congrats are due to the design team for making the extra effort with my favorite locomotive class and livery!