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Adjusting quartering

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  • Adjusting quartering

    I've got two of these and they really look the part.
    They both ran perfectly until, on one of them, I tried to clean the wheels and inadvertently upset the quartering. - Entirely my fault I might add.
    Is there a good way to get the quartering right on these locos or do I have to send it for repair.



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    I've got one which has quartering that goes out every now and then. Some of these locos have wheels that are not a tight fit on the axles, I've always managed to adjust the quartering by hand by gently twisting the wheel into the correct position. You do have to be very careful when cleaning the wheels.


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      Thanks Daftbovine - I'll give it a try - nothing to lose.
      Cheers... Bob


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        Chipping in here; austinbob as Daftbovine states there can be an issue with wheels and axles. I can add no more other than to echo the advice. You could try (a very, very small) drop of stud-lock or similar if it slips regularly, but personally I have had little luck with this approach other than exchanging the wheelset. - Just stuck my head next door and dependent on wheel colours DCC supplies should be able to assist. If its under warranty then I suggest replace/repair. (let me know and I will arrange) As always PM/email me if I can help further.

        Dapol Staff Member


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          Thanks Andy - my Terrier is well out of warranty and I bought it 2nd hand a couple of years back. I'll have a crack at adjusting the quartering by hand and may send it back for repair to DCC supplies if I screw it up!!
          Bob Austin


          • Andy Dapol
            Andy Dapol commented
            Editing a comment
            OK Bob, let me know if you need anything, we do have wheel-sets/axle sets in stock (at the time of writing) if needed.