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  • 9F Chassis

    I was wondering when an unweathered 9F chassis might be available. I bought a limited edition Black Prince and the drive rods became detached. There has since been only weathered chassis available. I also need a replacement double chimney, Can you or any member help? S.O.S.

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    Have you tried picking up a good unused one on Ebay? It might not cost more than a new chassis and provide a replacement chimney as well. This video clip is of a 9F that I bought for around £50 - the loco. to tender wires had been resoldered and the tender rocked on the middle axle. I was able to find a little used tender chassis/motor, swapped in over and resoldered the loco. to tender wires. While I was doing that, I fitted Youchoos DCC sound. I'm very pleased with the result.


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      Is there the possibility of some new 9Fs? I'd like a BR1F tender really but would still be happy with the re-release of the BR1C.


      • Joel Dapol
        Joel Dapol commented
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        Yes, I am sure we can oblige. The BR1F tender however we do not have available. Do you have any preferred prototypes?

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      A 92212, as preserved on the MHR would be nice!


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        Thank you Joel for your positive reply.. I don't have any preferred prototypes, except maybe just for a single-chimney version such as 92128, as shown in Ian Allan's ''The 9Fs''.