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How can I remove the housing of the 9f?

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  • How can I remove the housing of the 9f?


    I need some advice, how can I remove the boiler from the frame, because I want to look at the gears from the cardan shaft to the wheels. I want to lubricate this gears because the Loco drives not easy enough in my own opinion. I found an screw under the front bogie, then I remove it, I can lift the boiler at the front, but something keeps hold it at the other end, so I can't remove it. All I have is an sheet of paper about that I doesn't need to lubricate it before first use. Only after 50h of use. Is it possible to remove the boiler from the frame? Will I have to pay attention about some small or fragile parts?

    Thank you for your help


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    I had to do this when my 9f stopped working (see post) because the cardan shaft turns but the wheel don't! You need to disconnect the cardan shaft from tender to loco completely (by carefully manipulating the tender until the shaft disconnects and then removing it from the other end with tweezers). You can then carefully manipulate the loco body off, taking care not to damage the very delicate injector pipework under the fireman's side of the cab.