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Stuttering with Dapol pannier 9770

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  • Stuttering with Dapol pannier 9770

    I'd be grateful for any advice regarding the problem I have with my 3 month old Dapol 2S-007-027 Pannier. When first bought it was a very erratic runner with stuttering and frequent stops. I read that weighting the loco might help so I added some lead and the problem went - but has recently returned for no obvious reason I can determine. Once again it is frequently stuttering and periodically stopping despite cleaning wheels and track and It is appropriately oiled. The problem occurs when going forward and in reverse on my Kato Unitrack. Help please to this novice modeller!

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    Hello there, I am sorry you are having problems with the N gauge pannier. Without actually seeing the model it is difficult to determine the exact cause, it sounds like a pick up problem, but that is merely a guess. I would suggest contacting our sales email ([email protected]) and we will give you instruction's on sending the loco back to us for scrutiny. We should be able to resolve the problem from then on.

    Kind Regards


    Dapol Staff Member


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      Will my having added (glued) lead weights to the loco invalidate the guarantee?


      • Joel Dapol
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        Probably not depends on whether the glue used has caused problems, but we are pretty understanding and reasonable bunch and want you to have a loco you cherish. What's your name so I can ask our manager to look out for your email?

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      Thanks. All the changes were external with glue nowhere I think near the 'works'. Following contact with sales I will be posting this to Dapol returns very shortly.

      Regards Mike Kesseler