The following models are proposed for the next batch of N Gauge 57xx Panniers. We are currently waiting for the artwork to be done and expect the models to be in the shops towards the end of Q1 2021.

2S-007-021 - Pannier 8752 GWR Green Great Western Late Cab
2S-007-022 - Pannier 6752 GWR Green lettered GWR Later Cab
2S-007-023 - Pannier 9741 British Railways Green Late Cab
2S-007-024 - Pannier 5742 BR Black Early Crest Early Cab
2S-007-025 - Pannier L95 London Transport Red Early Cab
2S-007-026 - Pannier 9677 BR Black Early Crest Later Cab
2S-007-027 - Pannier 9770 BR Black Late Crest Late Cab
2S-007-028 - Pannier Ex 5775 GNSR Lined Early Cab

DCC Fitted models are also available.

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