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    I have a LT pannier which runs beautifully forwards but sounds like a demented wasp running backwards. The loco has been lubricated and properly run in but shows no sign of getting better. Does anyone have any tips for quietening it down?

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    Haha, great description ;-) !.... but sorry to hear your loco is afflicted as such. I've not got a Pannier, but I have the same problem with my class 67s.... less of an issue for a loco which looks the same both ends.

    I found that the noise seemed to be caused by the motor rotation making the body shell vibrate, so I stuck a strip of rubber (electrical) tape along the inside of the body shell. This helps dampen the vibration, but doesn't eliminate it.

    To be honest, I have quite a few locos like this; both Dapol and Farish, so I reckon it's probably a common problem. Also, in my experience, no amount of running in, or lubrication eliminates the problem - it's always going to have that issue.


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      Hi, Daftbovine ,
      Something is not right for sure. There are a number of parts involved, but considering the construction, my money would be on the motor; this contains components that are the most directionally sensitive, and operates at a high RPM so will produce high frequency 'Wasp' like sounds.
      You could try extended backwards running as this may cure the issue, but for long term piece of mind I suggest an exchange or repair. - If repair then please contact DCC Supplies. Any issues or questions please PM or email me.

      Dapol Staff Member


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        Hi Andy,

        Thank you for your reply, the pannier is out of guarantee but my main problem is that I live in South Africa and our postal service is absolutely dreadful, so even if I did send the loco in for repair, you or I might never see it again. I will try some prolonged running in reverse but failing that will run it forwards only.

        JR_P thanks for your suggestions, I did attempt to remove the loco body but it was such a finicky job that my courage failed me, I was too scared of breaking things off.