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    Recently my layout attended an exhibition - right next to a live steam layout. Needless to say we had no end of trouble with dirty/oily track. More worryingly we threw three tyres on the second day. I believe this to be due to the tyres absorbing the oil and expanding. Although I've replaced them with the spares provided I'm worried about my stock of replacement tyres depleting. Are spare tyres available?

    As an aside and because of this I've no decided that I won't exhibit in the same hall where live steam locos or engines are operating.

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    The PROBLEMS of LIVE STEAM inside exhibition halls on electrically driven models !

    Indeed a moot point. Live steam inside exhibition halls, as you have discovered, is a serious problem some Exhibition Managers seem totally unaware off !!!

    The problem is not new as I had trouble with a Japanese N gauge exhibition layout many years ago at the Wakefield show. The problem as you state is that the live steam exhaust, which contains one or more types of (lubrication) oil, rises rapidly in the locomotives hot exhaust into the roof area. Where it is then quickly distributed around the hall. As it cools is decends upon both people and layouts, to cause mayhem with track pick-up for electrically driven models of all the smaller scales.

    Of course as the atomised oil settles on your layouts track, it not only causes electrical pick up problems but gets into the groove traction tyres are fitted into. These often as a result stretch, slip and cause your models further issues with their reduced haulage capabilities. I even reached a point where I would check with exhibition managers beforehand as to whether they were aware of this problem. About the only leverage you have in such circumstances it to threaten to make claims on their Insurance, for replacement traction tyres. Giving notice in advance, helps to "focus" the Exhibition Managers mind in this direction......

    All the best,

    The Duke 71000


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      I'm ahead of you. My information sheet that I give to interested exhibition managers now contains the following text;

      Due to problems and damage I have experienced when sharing a hall with live steam locomotives/engines I regret I am no longer prepared to share a hall where live steam locomotives/engines are being operated. Please bear this in mind when planning your exhibition. I will fully understand if you decide not to accept my layout because of this condition."

      I have also informed exhibition managers where my layout is booked to attend. One has come back to advise that they had not one, but three live steam layouts in one hall. Another layout has expressed the same concerns and they are now trying to rework things.


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        Hello I would advise trying our spares stockists DCC Supplies for any traction tyres for your 2-8-0.