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    Hi Dapol Team, and All Members, just fond on RM Web results for 2016 Wish list Poll-- At-- 3 downloadable pdf files for N Gauge may make interesting viewing/reading. (posted here because it's the first place I could find"+ New Topic") Here's Hoping other Manufacturers read this as well!!!


    Chris Newman
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    I know these vote numbers aren't high, but they represent a small online community!

    Some of the things I've suggested before have made it to the top! Especially the Class 87, Class 91, Plasser & Theurer Tamper units... I hope you'll use these results for some future models

    102 - LSWR/SR N15 King Arthur 4-6-0
    100 - Class 117/118 Pressed Steel/BRCW 3-car
    92 - BR Mk2d Air-conditioned Stock
    90 - Class 158 & 159

    88 - SR Lord Nelson 4-6-0
    80 - Tamper – Plasser & Theurer
    79 - SR Merchant Navy – Rebuilt 4-6-2
    79 - BR Mk2b/c Stock
    75 - LSWR/SR S15 Maunsell 4-6-0
    75 - Class 87
    72 - Tamper – Plasser & Theurer
    71 - GWR King 4-6-0

    68 - Class 128 Gloucester Diesel Parcels Unit
    68 - Class 325 Royal Mail Units
    63 - Class 41 Warship A1A-A1A
    63 - Class 375/376/377/379/387 Electrostar
    62 - Class 85
    62 - Pullman Cars – Standard K Class
    60 - Class 91

    59 - GWR Steam Railmotor
    Jeremiah Bunyan...


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      I think Dapol must have a "General" section in the Digest!
      Jeremiah Bunyan...


      • Chris Newman
        Chris Newman commented
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        I Hope They Have!!-- and as I said in my opening post--I hope other manufacturers take note!!---( So now it's a begging letter to santa--and get my prayer mat out!!) LOL)


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      )Just seen your artwork for the O-gauge 14XX; this has prompted me to request an upgrade to the N-gauge version (plus the Ivatt 2MT and the M7!)


      • Joel Dapol
        Joel Dapol commented
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        Great ideas and something we will definitely look at. In terms of upgrade and to keep the costs manageable, what do you think is essential in the upgrade?

      • JeremiahBunyan
        JeremiahBunyan commented
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        @Joel Dapol

        Personally I like and want a GWR 14XX, and I for one think that the only let down is the wheels and the axle box on the trailing bogie is extremely undersized. If Dapol can update the wheels to some finescale cast wheels and get the axle box right size then I think you'll have a good model on your hands.