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UK Based Production of Mk3 Body Shells

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  • UK Based Production of Mk3 Body Shells


    If the new injection moulding machine, is going to be used to produce Mk3 Stock among other things, would it be possible to produce some unpainted shells that could be made available for sale. Undecorated examples of the coaches would make NMT coaches easier to complete.


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    I don't know if they have the tools for the Mk3 coaches in Chirk, but if they do I wonder what their minimum order number would be for things? Maybe the NGS could be persuaded to stock some of the bits for members? I would love spare, bodies, chassis & roofs if they did both the loco hauled ones and the HST Mk3's. And as you say I have the NMT loco set produced a while ago, but need donor bodies to complete the set. If they do have the tools, a few extra unpainted on each run would be feasible I think, but if it's a china order it would probably have to be a larger number. If there is any further response to these posts we could ask Dapol.


    • Joel Dapol
      Joel Dapol
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      We do have some roofs and bodies in Chirk now. We will get these up on the website in the next week or two for purchase.

    • Arthur Hodgett
      Arthur Hodgett
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      Brilliant, thanks Joel, hope I don't miss them, will they be listed under coaches, Mk3, or accessories or spares ? I keep looking just in case !

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    Network Rail coaches would be useful . Two of them look like TGS? Also DRS Mk3 stock.


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      Originally posted by chriswrightmk View Post
      Network Rail coaches would be useful . Two of them look like TGS? Also DRS Mk3 stock.
      The Network Rail ones all have various bespoke modifications.

      The DRS ones would be a simple repaint - the set consisted of Mk3a FOs plus a Mk3a RFM.