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  • Virgin trains DVT

    I hope this is the right spot but as i previously mentioned in another topic will there be another run of the mark 3 DVT in the original virgin trains livery? I've been searching the second hand market but the current going rate is enough to make your eyes water

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    Yes, we are looking at DVT's now so look out for an announcement in the next few weeks.

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    • Boco_D2
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      Splendid news I look forward to it, hopefully being outbid has saved me a few pounds in the long run.

    • sawyerm1982
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      Excellent - another original virgin liveried one please....

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    Look forward to the announcement.

    I would like to second the request for a Original Virgin Mk3 DVT.
    Personally I would be interested in one to re-brand so I could model one of the first Scotrail Edinburgh - North Berwick rakes which operated between 2003-2005.


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      Will there be another run of DVTs anytime soon?


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        These have just been announced according to Rails of Sheffield

        Dapol have announced some new N Gauge MK3 DVT coaches.

        Expected Q1 2021, Pre-order today....

        Four new versions announced:

        2D-017-003 Mk3 DVT BR Blue 82115

        2D-017-004 Mk3 DVT Network Rail 82124

        2D-017-100 DB Management Train 4 Piece Rolling Stock Set

        2D-017-101 Chiltern Railways 8 pc Slam Door Set with DVT

        The Dapol Mk3 DVT features:

        * Finely detailed body with many extra fitted items

        * All wheel electrical pick up

        * Directional lights

        * NEXT-18 Decoder Socket

        * Accessory bag with optional fitted parts


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          Happy to see the rest of the DB managers train, will make an Interesting rake.


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            It's nice to see. I had Intercity in mind though...


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              I would also like to add that many of us are yearning for an Intercity DVT that has the correct shade of dark grey/black, which matches the more recent runs of MK3s. The original DVT release and subsequent one in (2015?) were both incorrect. I'm sure many will forgive this mistake if the correct one were to be released in this latest batch - I imagine it would sell pretty well. Especially as there are suitably liveried 86 and loco-hauled MK3s currently in the catalogue.

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