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  • Virgin trains DVT

    I hope this is the right spot but as i previously mentioned in another topic will there be another run of the mark 3 DVT in the original virgin trains livery? I've been searching the second hand market but the current going rate is enough to make your eyes water

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    Yes, we are looking at DVT's now so look out for an announcement in the next few weeks.

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    • Boco_D2
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      Splendid news I look forward to it, hopefully being outbid has saved me a few pounds in the long run.

    • sawyerm1982
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      Excellent - another original virgin liveried one please....

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    Look forward to the announcement.

    I would like to second the request for a Original Virgin Mk3 DVT.
    Personally I would be interested in one to re-brand so I could model one of the first Scotrail Edinburgh - North Berwick rakes which operated between 2003-2005.


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      Will there be another run of DVTs anytime soon?


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        These have just been announced according to Rails of Sheffield

        Dapol have announced some new N Gauge MK3 DVT coaches.

        Expected Q1 2021, Pre-order today....

        Four new versions announced:

        2D-017-003 Mk3 DVT BR Blue 82115

        2D-017-004 Mk3 DVT Network Rail 82124

        2D-017-100 DB Management Train 4 Piece Rolling Stock Set

        2D-017-101 Chiltern Railways 8 pc Slam Door Set with DVT

        The Dapol Mk3 DVT features:

        * Finely detailed body with many extra fitted items

        * All wheel electrical pick up

        * Directional lights

        * NEXT-18 Decoder Socket

        * Accessory bag with optional fitted parts


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          Happy to see the rest of the DB managers train, will make an Interesting rake.


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            It's nice to see. I had Intercity in mind though...