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  • Passengers for MK3 coaches

    Hi all, I just received a few FGW coaches for my birthday (my wife rocks!) and I was hoping to get some suggestions for populating the coaches. I have heard of using z scale people or n gauge people cut in half. Any thoughts?

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    I think the truncated N gauge people work well.

    Dapol Staff Member


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      I've seen many people in the N, H0 and OO gauge worlds truncate the respective gauge people as suggested by Joel Dapol and place them into carriages. There are plenty of examples/tutorials knocking around on YouTube. EverardJunction ususally has some good video tutorials. (He's a OO modeller, but the principles are the same)

      I would also advise to purchase the cheap people on ebay to use, the 200 people for a few quid ones, esecially in N. Mostly because they're cheap and even though not the best quality of painted figures, these flaws will generally be hidden/obscured once inside coaches.

      Hopefully that helps a little


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        awesome guys, thanks!!


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          Just noticed this thread but I have several rakes of HST Mk3s and find that by buying the very cheap super-size packs of N gauge people mentioned above and amputating (carefully...) most of the lower limbs with a small pair of scissors they fit rather well in the seats with a small spot of superglue. If you look really carefully you can see that they're all Chinese (perhaps a little out of place for 1980s Yorkshire) but it's not really noticeable once they're in and especially if you tint the windows which makes the carriage look much better overall.