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    I've been away from the hobby for a while, and lost track of the High window coaches being released.

    Can anyone (Jeff Eastmond please) produce a simple list of which coach sets the available High window coaches would make up, using other coaches as/if necessary.

    Were the BTK (6) coaches released with two numbers?

    Wasn't there going to be a 4 compartment BTK on the High windows?


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    For set 193: the four-car formation lasted from 1930 to 1933; 5640 then being removed, to loose stock, and the remaining three cars existing in the set until 10/59.

    For set 456: the six-car formation [4083-5172-7398-7399-837-4084] lasted from 12/29 to 1935; a Pullman First and Pullman Third were inserted between 7399 and 837 in service.
    - the formation thereafter was 4083-5172-4084 until 6/57.
    - Formation changed to include another CK (Restriction 1) and four R1 TOs: 4083-4394*-7965*-5172-5610*-7968*-7975*-4084 (*R1 vehicle). Set disbanded 12/61.

    For the four single coaches:

    TK 1122 and FK 7228 - two vehicles in set 204.
    - Originally formed BTK(4) 3716-TK 1122-FK 7228-[Ironclad] KDF-TK (unknown)-CK (unknown)-BTK(6) 3717. This formation lasted from 09/30 to 07/31.
    - The KDF/TK/CK were replaced by a Maunsell KDF-TO pair, and the order of the other coaches changed: 3716-KDF-TO-7228-1122-3717. The catering vehicles were changed on a regular basis.
    - In Jan. '47 the unit was reformed, now including later-design high-window Maunsell TKs 1134 and 1389, and rearranged again: 3716-1122-7228-1134-1389-3717. This formation lasted until Oct. '61.

    BTK(6) 3730 [I assume it is still numbered this, according to all the listings] is a BTK(4) number - This post I advised of this error and suggested an alternative, but obviously the message didn't get through... See below

    CK 5635 - the centre car of the 1930 version of set 201; the other two vehicles were BTK(4) 3730 (ironically) and 3731. The set lasted in this formation right through to Nov. '61.

    I assume the BTK(4) and BCK coaches will follow at a later date...
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    • Jeff Eastmond
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      Just looking on the Rails site, and they have close-up images of the coaches. The BTK(6) has the running number 3733 on it - the message did get through - but not into the publicity...

      BTK(6) 3733 - Set 180, with BCK 6674. Same formation from introduction in 1930 to withdrawl 12/62.

      Looks like only the single coaches are available at the moment. They're listed as 'In Stock' at Kernow and Rails (but Rails are only accepting 'Pre-Orders' on them at the moment); Hattons have them listed but not in stock (Pre-Order).
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    • Mark Ellis
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      Many thanks, Jeff. You're an absolute star

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    The sets will be out in a couple of weeks.

    Dapol Staff Member


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      Originally posted by Joel Dapol View Post
      The sets will be out in a couple of weeks.
      Joel hi,
      Would you know yet what the item numbers are for the different coloured high window coach sets, please?

      It would be nice if the website showed between which years or which decades each coach was used - and clearly show which railway owns the coach. When I started in the hobby years ago I made the mistake of thinking Western Region was GWR and Southern Region was Southern Rail. The website appears to show both Southern Railway and Southern Region as SR coaches.



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      I'm making a guess here, but what's the betting there will be a release of the open third and a catering vehicle in the next few months, I'm in process of doing a bit of a hack with some etched brass sides to produce open thirds and Ironclad resdtaurants; I chose the IRonclad restaurant as the later Maunsell one had recessed kitchen doors (apartt from that they look very similar); I recall in early Dapol days hacking a 14xx into an M7, only to have Dapol produce one within less than a year!


      • Joel Dapol
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        Hello Mike, I think you will be okay for a few months ;-)

      • Jeff Eastmond
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        I can't see the Kitchen/Diner First generating the interest to be a viable commercial product, unfortunately, but the 'drop window' Open Third probably would - I can see me buying about a dozen in two of the liveries offered... plus the potential of offering a suitably modified version with a modified BCK as a pull-and-push set in BR(S) Green.
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      Hi Mike, it is quite possible to make an open third from Bill Bedford Etched sides which fit near perfectly once you have hacked off the Dapol coach sides.

      Suspect we will see an open third in a push pull set long before we see a restaurant car.

      I'm going to do the restaurant car if we ever get another proper lockdown. Until then it will run round with a brake compo as a 1960s W set.
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        I'm using etched sides from Worsley Works and using either Farish or Dapol coaches as donors; etches and artwork(downsized to fit here) as below, probably more than I need
        (the additional bits on the etches are bogie side frames I use when hacking BHE N15 tender kits to take Union Mills drives plus an extra pair of wheels)

        Click image for larger version  Name:	sides.jpg Views:	0 Size:	278.8 KB ID:	9339

        Click image for larger version

Name:	res3opa.jpg
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ID:	9344
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        • Jeff Eastmond
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          Are these standard 1:148 or 2mm sides, Mike?

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        Is there any intention/progress on making the high-window coaches in BR(S) Green livery?