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Defective bogies on Maunsell coaches

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  • Defective bogies on Maunsell coaches

    Has anyone else had problems with wheels falling out of bogies on Maunsell coaches. I have now suffered this on two occasions, both with "Blood and Custard" Maunsell coaches. On both occasions and after running successfully for some time, I suddenly noticed that one end of a coach had derailed. When I removed the defective coaches from the train, one wheel set just fell out of one bogie on both occasions. In the second instance, after trying to replace the wheelset, I notice that the axle of the defective wheelset has a distinct bend in it. In the other case, the axle hasn't such a pronounced bend. In both cases the wheesets cannot be replaced in the bogies as they are too loose. In neither case has the defective stock been dropped on otherwise damaged. Is it possible to obtain replacement bogies?

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    It is possible that a displaced wheel set, because of the lighting contacts, could cause a short-circuit?


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      This has now happened to 2 more coaches! Here is a picture of one of the axles. If it isn't a displaced axle causing a short circuit, is it that Dapol axles are prone to damage when a short circuit occurs and isn't immediately stopped? The coaches had never been run before and I had no problems rolling them onto the track at the start of a running session. I noticed the damage on lifting the vehicles to pack them away at the end of a session stopped as a result of recurring short circuits.