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More Maunsells in BR(S) Green

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  • More Maunsells in BR(S) Green

    I see from your shop pages that the Lined Grn Southern Railway coaches are booked as "new" for a Re-run? Is there any likelihood that the BR(S) variant will be rerun later this year please??

    Observation/Comment:- this is not meant to be Sarcastic or snide--but I notice that in your description of BR(S) plain green coaches you do not use S prefix or suffix with the running number (but it visible just--on the image when you enlarge it) as it the reason I did no order any as the description was not complete/correct, consequently I missed them (sob sob) hence the question above.

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    Hi Chris, the good news is that we have already produced another batch of these and they were released to our stockists a couple of weeks ago. We should also have them on the website this week. Point taken about the suffix being omitted, thanks.

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    • Joel Dapol
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      Hi Chris, we notify all our retail customers of what is going to be delivered in the forthcoming month and as 99% of our sales are through these, we trust that these notify modellers accordingly. I have just had a quick look at a few of our customer sites and found the BR (S) coaches on all of them. As I mentioned above these will appear on our website, hopefully in a few days. I hope that helps.

    • Andy Dapol
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      I would add to Joel's reply that as the Digest membership grows and our members complete their list of interests (can be found under your profile and at sign-up) it will become possible to have targeted newsletters and announcements. However at this stage we must be aware of our limitations and so, don't wish to start such things until we have the resources to do so sustainably.

    • Chris Newman
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      Andy, that's brilliant news, I do realise that things take time and you have sometimes limited resources to put into ventures like this, but I believe this is a serious first for a manufacturer of your size getting directly involved with us the consumer/end user, and acknowledging our input and feedback which I believe long term can only benefit all concerned--keep up the good work!!---just wish that a few other manufacturers /Suppliers would do something similar UK N would be in an even more healthier condition!!
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