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New Coaches: Discrepancy in description

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  • New Coaches: Discrepancy in description

    Joel Dapol. When Comparing the illustrations of the new coaches and comparing them to the list of catalogue numbers and descriptions, I noticed that the second coach in GWR livery (The BCK) 2P-000-283 is listed as GWR Crest (incorrect) I think it should be GWR "Shirtbutton". However you are to be congratulated on producing the K41 BG!!! should make a lot of people very happy. Chris

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    Hi Dapol,

    I am a bit puzzled what are the coaches in "BR Choc/Cream" are supposed to represent. It looks like GWR livery with the Shirtbutton removed and a "W" prefix added to the running numbers. I am pretty certain that Collett coaches never ran in a livery resembling this.

    Also, the GWR adopted grey roofs during WW2. These coaches never had white roofs in BR days.

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