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Future models. N Gauge Freight and wagons

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    I agree with Ben A
    Jeremiah Bunyan...


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      the KQA would be a must, all of the research has been done for the 00 one, and as other have said plenty of options to up-sell with current products.

      a WIA Arbel car carrier would be a good seller, it would also be relatively cheep to do as you don't have to produce any interiors, 6 bogies instead of 10 (but 2 designs instead of 1), a simple smooth fibre-glass cover. although its a 5 wagon set. Looks incredibly good as a long block train or blue slug as its also known.

      the Network work rail point carriers would be very nice but the question is which type as there is the 3-coupled or the single wagon type. would be a very popular wagon to produce but would pose an interesting design challenge.

      Im sure I will think of a few more.


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        How about some London Transport Departmental stock to go with the Panniers? It's a massive missing area for anyone who wants to run a correct LT train.




        • JeremiahBunyan
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          I've always wanted a LT Pannier, but never knew what stock ran behind it. Was wondering if it was just like a promotional thing or if they actually were used by LT.

        • angr607
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          JeremiahBunyan They really existed. 13 were purchased in used in the late 60s/very early 70s. Very successfully as well.

        • JeremiahBunyan
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          Thanks angr607

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        I'm keen for spinewagons and KQA pocket wagons. Can't figure out why the latter hasn't ever been released in N by Dapol, having done the CAD work for OO.


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          How about a 45T breakdown crane of some variety (1940's+) The options that I have seen (Tomix mainly) look good but are not truly UK type, would be great to have a UK version.

          Again this might be one to put the feelers out to see if there is demand, something that is so much easier to do in this day and age and probably the way forward for more specialised rolling stock.


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            A CemFlo of the type that derailed and finished off DP2?

            Just right for a block train hauled to the North East behind a Class 33 (or two)


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              I'm thinking of More Engineers wagons (Fishkinds) from 60's/70's. any track machines Tampers etc always seen all over the network


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                I would like to suggest the ex SECR "Dance Hall" brake van. These were in service from pre-grouping up to the 1990's being used on engineering trains after brake vans ceased to be used on freight trains. I believe there are examples present on preserved lines. Also, these would look just right behind a Q1 or even a WC/BoB/Schools.



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                  Another thought- any mileage in a20 ton coke hopper?

                  Last edited by Les1952; 13 July 2016, 19:16. Reason: not 24 ton as I'd originally typed..


                  • Les1952
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                    Hornby are doing this one in OO, so it might be worth watching how well it sells.

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                  I would say more unpainted wagons in N Exapmples 5 planks, 8 planks, 3 planks, 4 planks and unpainted vans & above all else unpainted milk tankers


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                    A KQA Pocket wagon would be great. Also, a Tamper would be great though I appreciate its not a wagon!.


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                      Vehicles to make a steam era breakdown train would be great


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                        I am throwing my two-pennyth in with post #20 and #27......A Ransome and Rapier 45 Ton breakdown crane would be fantastic along with a 4 wheeled ex-LSWR coach or an Ironclad BTK........ or...both!


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                          I would suggest some wagons to form a pre-grouping freight train for the Terriers:

                          LBSCR Stroudley 4-wheel brake van

                          Midland Railway 4-wheel van

                          LBSCR 4-wheel van

                          LBSCR 5-plank open


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                            And any other NR wagons. There's a reasonable selection of NR Loco options on the market, but relatively few wagon options available to make up trains.

                            I'd have thought that the shorter (buffer to buffer) the wagon is, the more you might sell - assuming short wagons would have a lower RRP than a longer bogie wagon, and therefore cost me less to make up a long (by number of wagons rather than overall length) train. I'm not for a minute suggesting that wagon length is the only factor determining RRP, but all other considerations being equal the short wagon should be cheaper - less materials. For example a simple 20' two axle flat wagon should be cheaper than a simple 50' bogie flat wagon. Shouldn't it?