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    If Dapol do a Class 90 or Class 92 I'll buy a few of each! Both being my top two favorites....
    Jeremiah Bunyan...


    • baister1
      baister1 commented
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      Same here!

    • JeremiahBunyan
      JeremiahBunyan commented
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      I'd prefer Dapol doing them too...Quite fed up of seeing Bachmann/Graham Farish consistently producing a varied amount of detail on their models.

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    For me the most obvious gap in N is in the LNER tank loco area. The J72 is a very welcome addition, but what about something like an N2, V1/V3, L1 or maybe the J50? The N2 was very long lived in it's various incarnations and one is preserved.

    Tender loco wise, the K3 would seem a missing link as a widely travelled mixed traffic loco (and you have an LNER Group Standard tender tooled already).



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      I really want Dapol to follow up their Class 21/29 in OO with an N Gauge version.
      I was so disappointed when the crowd funded venture from Revolution Trains failed to make the cut. (yes I did sign up for 2/3 units)
      Dapol has already done all the hard work by releasing (soon?) the OO gauge model, plus they already have a suitable drive train with the N Gauge class 22.
      Surely it has to be a no brainer?



      • JeremiahBunyan
        JeremiahBunyan commented
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        But if the crowdfunding wasn't successful why will Dapol produce one? The whole idea for the crowdfunding was to see how it would be received. Unfortunately it didn't make the cut...

        On the other hand if the dimensions of the wheelbase and chassis is similar, why not just have a kit produced?

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      The 21/29 is I believe somewhat longer than the 22 so the 22's chassis wouldn't be suitable. I understand that although it didn't hit the numbers required the 21/29 still garnered expressions for about 600 models which isn't too shabby, and maybe with a longer term strategy for sales it might be viable, if probably nowhere near the top of the list.

      It is though perhaps worth considering that the two main manufacturers have now (or will shortly have) covered most significant diesel classes in N, leaving only sub-classes or the more obscure prototypes, to go for plus a range of DMUs, so maybe the 21/29 will in time, along with the Metrovick C0-Bo and Classes 15/16 look more attractive?


      • JeremiahBunyan
        JeremiahBunyan commented
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        So if a Class 21/29 is longer than a Class 22 then the drive train (as mentioned) cannot be suitable. It obviously has to be lengthened and that means a lot of modification to the CAD work and obviously totally new tooling.

        Secondly 600 votes obviously isn't enough. If it was even remotely enough, Revolution would've obviously carried on with it. I don't think a 600 vote count can be termed as "not too shabby". It's way off the mark. And if those 600 votes includes people who've opted to buy 2-3+ models then it's obviously of not use.

        If a Class 21/29 is desperately needed in N gauge I think a crowd-funding can be set up, contact a forum member good at 3D designing, get a simple but detailed kit designed and buy a nice suitable motorized bogie from a custom supplier.

        If I was really wanting a Class 21/29 I'd design my own.

      • Ben A
        Ben A commented
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        I was very surprised the 21/9 didn't make the cut with Revolution, but I also feel that the crowdfunding method (a) isn't for everyone and (b) even with publicity online and in magazines, only reaches a limited proportion of the total market. I suspect that when you add those 600 orders to the model shop customers that Dapol can reach via their standard distribution methods, there is a much stronger case.


        Ben A.

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      In the context of the crowdfunded Pendolino (1000 units to proceed) 600 is by no means evidence there was no demand for the 21/29, just not sufficient to warrant RevolutioN proceeding, but for balance, as I understand it the Miller Project HST didn't need that many more before our hosts Dapol decided to proceed so who truly knows? My real point is that as the mainstream diesels get produced it only leaves the more obscure ones like the Co Bo and 21/29 to release so in time as demand for the other models is satisfied these may become more attractive to manufacturers.

      If you wand a rather clunky 21/29 there is a kit available - a Langley whitemetal one that goes on an old Farish 25 chassis, but I agree a 3D printed one with printed bogie frames too, to fit a suitable DCC ready chassis may well be the better option in the short term.


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        My "wish list" ....................
        Use the Pacer chassis (once completed) and turn out a Class 144 (to my knowledge, the chassis were identical).
        With very slight modifications to the chassis, a 143 is also possible and look at the number of liveries THEY have carried over the years.
        OK, I admit, not everyone likes the "nodding donkeys" but they have been an essential part of the railway scene for the past thirty years ?

        Then going back in time a bit, the "Trans-Pennine" Class 124 which had to be the most stylish First Generation DMU ever built ?
        Trouble is, of course, there's not one left anywhere to measure up................................

        After that, I'll go along with the EM1, EM2 and Metro-Vick Class 28.

        Ah well, one can dream................................


        • Andy Dapol
          Andy Dapol commented
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          All interesting ideas!

        • JeremiahBunyan
          JeremiahBunyan commented
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          Personally feel that a Class 143 and Class 144 are the most logical things to do next.

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        Class 185 DMU - they appear at pretty much every large station and a lot of the smaller ones across the north, and would therefore be pretty useful.


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          I'd love to see some of the less common;y modelled wheel arrangements made available.

          For example, an GNR/LNER N2 in N gauge. These have been a staple in 4mm scale for decades and were in use for 60 years or more.

          And I'd like to see an Atlantic, say an GNR/LNER C1, which also remained in service for decades.

          4-4-0 locos would be very welcome also


          • Crepello
            Crepello commented
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            Good idea for the N2 Jondi. Ideal for empty stock and suburban trains on an ECML layout.

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          How about the comparatively easy hit of doing a Clan? You already have the chassis and tender from the Britannia. Major tooling is the smaller boiler and cab with boiler fittings.


          • Les1952
            Les1952 commented
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            10 locos you mean, all just about identical (the only Standard class I saw all of...)

          • Joel Dapol
            Joel Dapol commented
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            Excellent idea, thank you.

          • Roy L S
            Roy L S commented
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            Agreed, a Clan would be most welcome, and hopefully reasonably cost effective. Also bear in mind there is a new build one in progress - 72010 "Hengist". Originally there was to have been a further batch (15 I think) for the Southern Region, I believe they got as far as deciding names, but the modernisation plan put paid to them.

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          As a rather traditional steam-era modeller using mainly WR and MR models I have a good number of models available from various manufacturers. These do tend to fall into 2 categories, however ..... the impressive mainline locos which appear on large layouts, and the smaller tank locos which appear on the ever-popular branch line layouts. My wish list to fill a gap therefore (and this applies to any of the BR regions) would include more of the medium-sized locos, those often grubby and unsung machines that plodded along main lines with the slower freights or were used as the main locos on the rural cross-country lines. DJ has promised one such loco in the shape of an ex-GWR 43XX in N gauge but that looks like being several years in the development (and I'm not getting any younger!)


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            Hi. My first post here. 4-TC to go with the forthcoming (and very smart looking) class 33, class 117 DMU (which polled highest in last years polls) and finally Hampshire class 205 DEMU (3 car version).
            Thanks for asking our views.


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                Hey Dapol, what about stealing a march on a class 800 / class 801, so you can release it as the new train enters revenue earning service in 2017/18?....

                .... or perhaps that is one for RevolutioN with their experience gained from the Pendo....


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                  I've always wanted Richard Trevithick's first loco (as it is the first rail loco), and Stephenson's Rocket. Minitrix showed 30 years ago that anything is possible with powered coaches and trucks


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                    Apart from the Polls--first posting (so please be gentle!!! lol)
                    BR Std 4 4-6-0 (75000-079) BR Std 3 2-6-0 (77000-019) BR Std 2 2-6-0 (78000-064) BR Std 2 2-6-2T (84000-029) Tenders & Liveries to suit

                    GWR/BR 10xx 4-6-0 County(with Hawksworth 4000Gall tender, also useful behind Castle's & Hall's)
                    GWR/BR 42xx 2-8-0T
                    GWR/BR 72xx 2-8-2T
                    None of the above have been produced RTR as far as I am aware(and only a few in kit form)

                    BR 1st Generation DMU 116/117/118 120(Late build variantwith 4 character headcode below cab Windows) Swindon Class 123 (4 Car)
                    D6xx Warship
                    D800-D812 (pre 4 Character Headcode box)


                    • Les1952
                      Les1952 commented
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                      The Standard 3MT would be easier for Farish as they make the 4MT chassis it shares and have CAD for the boiler which it shares with the 3MT tank.

                      The 2MT tank might be worth combining with an updated Ivatt 2MT tank at some stage as they were very similar - indeed a lot of identical parts.

                      Again the 2MT tender loco is too similar to the Farish Ivatt 2MT tender loco.

                      I'm very surprised that nobody has touched the 4MT 4-6-0 in N given its popularity and that it was in the Mainline OO range then (re)done by both Bachmann and Hornby.

                    • Cape Town Trev
                      Cape Town Trev commented
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                      I definitely concur with GWR steam locos. Also the associated coaches 😀

                    • Hailstone
                      Hailstone commented
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                      The Hawksworth tenders fitted to the Counties were wider than those fitted to Halls and Castles. I would be up for at least 2 counties whoever makes them, along with one each of the tank engines