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  • Poll: Future models (N Gauge Locomotives)

    We're interested in your thoughts for future models and will be posting a series of polls for each scale and category. Starting out this poll is for N gauge Locomotives.
    As a starting point we'd like to see your ideas on the type, motive power and era of models you would like to see produced. Ideas and discussions welcome!

    Thanks for your help!
    Class: Mainline locomotive
    Class: Branchline/Shunting locomotive
    Class: Multiple Unit
    Class: Industrial
    Class: Narrow Gauge
    Motive power: Steam
    Motive power: Diesel
    Motive power: Electric
    Era: 1800 - 1922 (Pre-grouping)
    Era: 1923 - 1947 (GWR, LMS, SR & LNER)
    Era: 1948 - 1966 (BR 'Crested')
    Era: 1967 - 1971 (BR Blue Pre-TOPS)
    Era: 1972 - 1982 (BR Blue TOPS)
    Era 1983 - 1994 (BR Sectors)
    Era 1995 - 2000 Privatisation
    Era: 2001 - Next generation locomotives.
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  • #2
    Well what a chance to start this off,
    NG has be be all things FFR, WHR , VoR, L&B ... Linda, Fairles, Mountaineer, Prince, NG16, Prince of Wales. Lyd...

    Standards - Clan missing and quick win with Brit chassis
    Pre group anything Highland but Barney, Small Ben - they shared tenders, Loch. Skye bogie, Jones Goods. S&D 7F

    Weasels - D10000, Falcon, DP2 class 28. Class 53 for fun but odd classes. Still 21/29 if numbers worth it. Latest round of 66 liveries worth a punt please !

    DMUs/ GW streamliner from shrink ray, 120 cross country Thumper DEMU

    Amp fumbling 3rd rail 4 REP /4TC/ 4 VEP all had a a good livery history and fit into 33 fleet area and early colours with BoB/ WC classes.

    Sky bound amps 310/312 suit West coast models with MK3s and 86/87 range. Clearly APT -P ...... bank busting but what a train!

    Locos 87 a quick win 92 a dead cert but how about EM1/ EM2 - well documented.
    A revamped 73 would be good if shink ray machine not too hot.

    cheers and thanks for chance to dream- well its not my money...


    • #3
      Class 120 Cross Country DMU & Class92 electric a must. Class 29s would also be great. Farish 158 is also very dated.


      • #4
        class 158

        class 141 or another pacer type

        class 117/118

        some good choices from robert above as well


        • VoyagerBen
          VoyagerBen commented
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          Class 158 and 144 please!

      • #5
        Class 92 and modern Class 72 as used by Network Rail


        • #6
          I hope the GWR streamlined Railcar will be available in N gauge, I definitely have room for both GWR and BR liveries.

          For DMUs the 117/118 class could be done using a lot of work from the existing 121/122 Bubble cars. I would be up for a set of those and also a class 120 cross country DMU.

          Lastly, I would like to see a big 4700 class 2-8-0. Heljan are doing one of these in 00 so that means it is unlikely to be coming to N gauge from Farish.


          • #7
            Do you know what would be really nice, making models from the steam era that no one has made before. I get confused as to why RTR manufacturers produce something that another manufacturer has already made.

            How about some Cab less steam engines, 2-2-2 mainline locos, Steam rail motors, or Clerestory coaches in N. I get worried that manufacturers are getting the models too highly detailed instead of giving a wider range of
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            • Joel Dapol
              Joel Dapol commented
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              Hi Mark, I know what you mean but the problem is we get measured by the detail on a model and additionally is not that much money is saved by removing excess (!) detail. The tooling is broadly the same and the only difference may be in assembly labour and materials (tiny). This may change as wage rates escalate even further though and is a really interesting debate.

          • #8
            Personally i would like to see the class 43 in GWR livery in a bookset.


            • #9
              My personal preference would be a class 76 and 77, EM1 and EM2, because despite the limited geographical operations, they were very popular.

              also a Class 304, 305, 308, these would cover quite a substantial area of the country on the locals.


              • Scruff
                Scruff commented
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                I believe DJM may be looking at the EM1 and EM2.

              • beeshill
                beeshill commented
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                Oooh, I really hope so Mark, I have a Masterclass kit looking very lonely.

            • #10
              When are the N Gauge Class 33s out please?


              • Joel Dapol
                Joel Dapol commented
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                We are just finalising the liveries now and then they go into production. Unfortunately, a painting error on the samples in the factory has delayed this slightly so release is now likely to be mid to late summer

            • #11
              a few reliveries

              The underground livery GBRf 66s, 66718 and 721.
              Network Rail, Cali sleeper and GBRf 73/9s.
              86259 Les Ross in its Current Electric Blue livery.
              86101 and 401 in Current Cali Sleeper livery.

              Something brand new

              Class 323
              Class 90
              Class 87


              • VoyagerBen
                VoyagerBen commented
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                I rode on a Class 323 for the first time today. It is a nice looking EMU and I had a fast and comfortable journey. I would definitely buy a N gauge model in Northern Rail Livery.

              • Alistair
                Alistair commented
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                with all the WCML action going on from the likes of Revolution (Pendolino and 321) and Farish (319 and 350) something Midlands based that can run under the wires would be a good plan the 323 would be the best due to amount of liveries carried (5 basic with a few anomalies) and 43 units built.

            • #12
              oh so many locos!

              I could think of I would say one of these in N as well as OO since I'm mostly Southern oriented ;-D and a lover of Pre grouping locomotives from the late Victorian/Edwardian era The Picture below would be a loco I'd like to see
              Steam locos
              LBSCR D1 tank (See Picture)
              Pre grouping rolling stock 4 wheel Stroudley coaches as always I feel that many new locomotive produced are missing there stock in terms of passenger

              SECR D class 4-4-0

              Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway class 28 0-6-0

              GER Class T26- LNER Class E4 2-4-0

              Caledonian Railway 812 0-6-0

              Caledonian Railway 439 Class 0-4-4T

              Possible re tooling's to DCC ready
              GWR 14xx DCC ready
              LBSCR A1 DCC ready
              LSWR/SR M7 tank DCC Ready
              GWR 45xx tank

              another on the diesels re releases

              More BR Green pre Yellow panels
              Class 27's 26's

              Class 22's


              One new! Idea in diesels
              Metropolitan-Vickers class 28 co-bo as a twin pack

              perhaps British Rail Class 86 in BR Blue & 87's


              • Joel Dapol
                Joel Dapol commented
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                A good list and a lot of work :-)

              • NGaugeUS
                NGaugeUS commented
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                Great list! Another vote for an LBSCR D1 here! And rtr four wheel coaches are a MAJOR hole in the market, with old (bad) Farish ones still selling for 20£+ on fleabay.

              • doug22150
                doug22150 commented
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                Also a Southern man, I'd love to see some of the other Maunsell 4-4-0s D1, E1, L1s. Theses highly rated locos have been ignored (except for the old Hornby L1 - which wasn't bad for a 60s model) in all scales so far. Plus, of course, King Arthurs, S15s etc...

            • #13
              Put in my votes, these aren't just votes to see what I wanna see, I will surely buy them.

              Narrow Gauge:
              - Tallylyn Railways' NG steam locos

              Mainline/Multiple Units:
              - Class 87
              - Class 88 (DRS)
              - Class 90
              - Class 91 & Mk4 DVT
              - Class 92
              - Class 110 DMU
              - Class 143 Pacer
              - Class 144 Pacer
              - Class 180 Adelante

              New Liveries:
              - Class 56 in DCR Grey "Jeremiah Dixon"
              - Class 66 in DRS Blue with small DRS logos
              - Class 66 in GBRf green "Evening Star"
              - Class 66 in GBRf maroon for the Belmond Scotsman
              - Class 66 Freighliner Powerhaul with black bufferbeams
              - Class 67 in Caledonian Sleeper livery
              - Class 67 in DB Schenker livery
              - Class 86 in Caledonian Sleeper livery
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              Jeremiah Bunyan...


              • #14
                Class 28 has to be top of the list. Ideally powered & dummy versions.

                Standard Class 4 75xxx series & Unrebuilt Patriot close behind.

                Class 104 or 105 DMU.


                • #15
                  Class 92
                  Class 91 & Mk4 DVT
                  Class 185
                  Class 221 Re-run or update of these

                  Cheers, Mark.
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                  • emuman
                    emuman commented
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                    The class 185 is a must have complete with tea trolly. MH.