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Unpainted Wagons No More?

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  • Unpainted Wagons No More?

    Will there be anymore 2F-071-000 unpainted 7 plank wagons made? I need a rake of about 15-20 but cannot find any. Although the Dapol shop shows them as "in stock" I cannot add them to my basked but I can add other things.

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    Hi Ed,

    I will have a look look at the website and get back to you

    Dapol Staff Member


    • Chris Newman
      Chris Newman commented
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      Hi Neil, I raised this point about not being able to log into n gauge unpainted wagons on 7th May!!! on collectors club>chit chat>website navigation problems.


    • Neil Dapol
      Neil Dapol commented
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      Sorry if i missed your comment at the start of May Chris or possibly not managed to sort it out, I wasn't in the office very much over that time. I have taken a look and reported the issue with product links to our website manager. I will keep reminding him to sort it our.

      We if you wish you are more than welcome to give our sales line a call and a member of our sales team can sort out your wagon order for you, these wagons are in stock.