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  • 7 Plank Wagon size


    I was wondering if someone could help me, I am planning to run on my n gauge layout a rake of private owner wagons for my partner’s grandfather, they will carry his name and the name of the colliery he worked at and the wagon numbers will come from memorable years for their family (birth years etc.).

    I am planning to use the Dapol unpainted 7 plank wagons as a base for this project and have a guy who can print me transfers to suit this job, all I need are the dimensions of the body to make sure they fit. As I don’t yet own a 7 plank wagon and trying to build up my collection I was wondering if someone would be able to give me the length and height of the sides of one of these wagons so I can get these transfers made up?

    Any help will be gratefully received.

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    I'd recommend buying at least one wagon. If using water-slide transfers, you'll probably need to tweak the dimensions of your transfers to allow for angled bracing on the body sides - up one side then down the other of a raised detail could leave your transfers short if they are cut to exact linear dimensions. Having a body to hand can't hurt, only help, while you 'dev' your transfers.


    • Joel Dapol
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      Good advice, but if you need the dimensions they are l, h, w 26mm x 9.5mm x 12mm (approx).

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    Thanks Railgooner, I certainly intend to get one soon, might not be unpainted yet but one to use to work it all out, just need to get time to go to my local shop and get one, the better half is a full time mum so is home all the time and as such ordering one online is not always a good idea.

    Thanks Joel, they will give me a good starting point to work things out with.