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N gauge MJA wagons

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    JR_P very good point, they would be great for HSTs and other rakes of wagons.


    • Joel Dapol
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      Okay, we will see about producing shorter bars on the next run of MJA's. I am not sure when that will be as we still have plenty of stock from this run left.

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    Do you mean plenty of MJA's (hope not, hope they are running off the shelves) or plenty of bars? if so can I buy some please?


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      Not sure how or if I should start a new topic on shorter bars? I have been playing with a couple of HST mk3's and loco hauled ones and a couple of Maunsells. All will push round a 9" radius circle with two short knuckle connectors, looks a bit ugly but no buffer clash or derailing. Don't know what the pips are called on an NEM coupling but my measurements are between centers of pips; 2 Rapido 16mm, 2 long Knuckle 14.7mm, 1 long and 1 short knuckle 13.2mm, 2 short knuckle 11.5mm. The Shapeways black ones I bought are far too rough IMO and are 14mm, I have ordered the Shapeways white ones which come in 3 sizes to see if they are any better. If there is any further interest I'll comment on them when they arrive.