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  • HIA Freightliner wagons

    Hi I know that Dapol is going to do an N Gauge version of the Freightliner HIA hopper wagon however I have just looked on the Freightliner website and I have just found out that they’re an aggregate wagon so what about doing the HXA or even the HHA coal wagons as just the other day I had a rare treat as I had seen a class 66 pulling a rake of 18/20 HHA or HXA fully loaded wagons of coal as with being in the north east it was a usual thing when growing up to see fully loaded and empty coal wagons to and from the pit that wasn’t very far behind my house that I had grown up in but they were the old 7 plank coal wagons with NCB on them with a tank loco pulling them and it did make my day when I had saw this beautiful site as I don’t see it usually now

    anyway I was wondering if anyone else would like to see the HXA or HHA being made or is it the case for to use the HIA instead and making believe that they’re the coal version

    thanks hedley

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    Hi Hedley,

    The HHA wagons Freightliner use have been produced by Graham Farish, the Freightliner a few years back (several runs) and more recently in the Colas livery as some of the fleet were transferred.

    Cheers, Mark.

    Fingers crossed we see movement on the HIAs and MJAs soon in N gauge.


    • Joel Dapol
      Joel Dapol commented
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      Thanks Mark, we should have something to show on the HIA and MJA wagons soon.

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    Hi Mark thanks very much for your help and I’ll look into this
    cheers hedley


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      Any updates on the release of these wagons, or pictures of decorated samples?


      • Neil Dapol
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        Hi JackD09 we received samples earlier last week and photographing them is on my list of things to do.... shouldn't be too long and we will have something to show.



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      Thanks for the update


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        hi all

        Any chance of an update on these wagons.



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          Hattons processed my order yesterday, so I'd say they are going to be available to buy in the next few days.